Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:58:25 -0800

I hope Bandai stays with 0079-0080 and 0083 machines. Since they are
planed to air sometime this year in US, they should keep that in mind. I
agree that it's about time for us to see MG treatment on some amphibious
mobile suits. I believe Zugok and Hygok from 0080 is in very good
candidate. And, of course we gotta have some GM varients. Sniper and GM
command will be nice.
But, i think we'll see some very interesting items from MSiA section.
Bandai already released bunch of Zeta MS this year. And, Phyco-Gundam
sometime this year. Who know what they'll do next. I bet next in line
will be some 0083 and 08th team.

Gundam EZEight wrote:

> they definitely should release more zeon hardware. how
> about the amphibious assaults? or more EFSF suits: GM
> sniper 2 would be nice. or a GM ground. or weapons
> pack for ground pounder's special, including all the
> weapons, a couple more storage boxes, and a parachute
> pack or two. they shouldn't forget the support units
> eh? guntanks. guntanks mas prod. Guncannons. GM
> cannons. obviously the GP03's a given. it has better
> be out this year. Zeta ver. 2.0 or something. Z+ would
> be nice. last but not least RX-78-2 ver.2.0. drool
> --- Ghost <Phantom54@prodigy.net> wrote:
>> After the Gouf custom MG i think we'll see the
>> following:
>> Quebley (i just gotta feeling Bandai is gonna make a
>> few of us really happy)
>> Dom Tropen (maybe - co incide with the HGUC
>> release)
>> GPO3 Stamen
>> Gerbera Tetra (long shot - only see this one after
>> the GP03 and the funky
>> looking GPO4 Gundam)
>> Jagd Doga (the resin kit has begun showing up in the
>> back of Hobby Japan
>> with the Nu Gundam MG and the Sazabi MG. Does
>> someone in japan know
>> something we don't)?
>> There was a rumor awhile ago of a MG The O.
>> Considering Bandai seems to
>> release one to two monster size MG's a year (Sazabi,
>> ZZ, Full Armor ZZ) I
>> think this is a safe bet for Dec or Nov 2001.
>> I know everyone thinks we'll get a Zeta plus and the
>> Ex-S Gundam, but I am
>> soo sick of Gundams. I wanna see some heavy duty
>> Zeon Hardware!
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