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As promised, my review of the new Crossover Notebook:

D Selection Unlimited Crossover Notebook III: Since AD 1984~2000 (200.11.10,
Kodansha, ISBN4-8402-1625-8) 208 pages (135 in color) for 3,200)

The first item of note is that the word "Unlimited" has replaced Gundam in the
title. It basically covers Kazuhisa Kondo's entire professional art career,
from 1984 to the present. Kondo was born 2 April 1959, it says here, so he was
25 then. Actually, the title's a bit misleading, as the earliest item
referenced was actually published 18 March 1985 and the earliest reproduced here
in November 1988.

The book is divided into six sections:

First Stage (p.3 to 32, color)
Another War (p.33 to 80, B&W)
The Wing Illusion (p.81 to 180, color)
Second Stage (p.181 to 196, color to 192, then B&W to 196)
Japan Self-Defense Force Weapons Catalog (p.197 to 204, B&W)
Illustration & Works List (205 to 208, B&W)

The bulk of the book is still Gundam illustrations, along with some of his
drawings of real-world German WW2 and JSDF military machines. There's also what
appear to be WW2 Side Stories, analogous to his Gundam Side Stories -- alternate
history in the same vein as the Luftwaffe 1946 and Altered Wars series from
Antarctic Press.

The "Another War in UC 0044" is apparently an alternate history, introducing his
Dread Force (AKA Panzer Waffen) collection of Nazi-fied MS. The title seems to
have less to do with Gundam's Universal Century than with a retelling of the
1944 European campaign with mecha. The "Wing Illusion" seems to be a
straightforward Last Days Of WW2 story, but may be an alternate history -- there
are a lot of jet and rocket planes

Among the mecha show here:

Schreck Gustav (a fighter aircraft)
LPW-007CN Faust Gustav (an MS inspired by the Messerschmitt BF-109G-6 Gustav)
Machine Rock G (a sort of GERWALK)
Sturm Jaguar EX
MF-92S G-Commander
PKW-109 Goblin
MGC A1 Thunder Chief (an Armored Personnel Carrier or APC)
MAN-010 G-3
PMS-007 Jaguar I (Ein)
PMS-007B Jaguar II (Zwei)
PMA-05HG Buran
LPW-007AL Schreck Gustav Air-Land Battle Arms
Einhander (a sort of Valkyrie trasnformable fighter)
M4AA2R BGR (Body Guard Radiobeam -- a sort of GM)
PPW-002 Luchs (an ECM/EWAC reminiscent of the Balinoak Samaahn)
SSR-92 Latchbum
VPKW-005 Sturm Jaguar
PMX-005 Breda (not "Bread")
G-3 PWN-010 Armor Mode
G-3 II Strum (I think that should be "Sturm")
LPW-002 Tornado
Type 2001 Grasshopper (midway between a Votoms AT and a Gasaraki TA)
RAX-778 G-Ray
M2A1 G-1 (a GM for the G-3)

All in all, a worthy addition to the series and probably the last for awhile.

One last note of interest: the book wrapper touting Kondo's comics lineup -- Z
Gundam, Gundam 0079, MS Senki, New MS Senki and Side Story of Z -- gives the
number of volumes of Gundam 0079 as seven. The Gundam 0079 cover illustration
shows what looks like the PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam, although it may be a Kondo
FA-78-1 FUll Armor Gundam. I assume it's the seventh volume, but the Volume
number is cropped off, so I can't tell. In any case, if Volume 7 isn't already
out, it should be out Real Soon Now.

Does anyone have any hard info on Gundam 0079 Volume 7?


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