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> I don't think anyone's posted this yet, but Newtype has another FTB update
> on their site.
> http://www.newtype-net.com/topics/barrel1_1_01.html

I wrote up the page to which this link points on New Year's Day, noting that it
was posted on Christmas Day.


The new material is on the newly-added Next Page(s):




Either I missed the Next Page links -- doubtful! -- or they were added
subsequent to my checking the page on the first of the month. (Newtype
generally updates its site the last week of each month) We should check back in
a couple of weeks and see what the next installment brings.

In my previously post, I complained about the noticeable drop in the quality of
the English version, which I attribute to Arata Kanoh, who's credited with the
text here. If you compare the messages from Gicho Ohtsuka in the previous
updates, youi'll see quite a difference. The new text is almost as
incomprehensible as raw Japanese. What, for exampke, are we to make of this
description of the Gunboy:

"The only ultimate humanoid robot, called 'Gump of Humachining' for the test of
the efficiency as 'humanoid transforming equipment' in the Space Age and the
levels of technology."

I hope they get a competent translator on board before they start in on the
English version of the actual story!

> Along with some character art and descriptions (it's looking like there's no
> Amuro..?), we finally get to see a picture of Machining Skin Gunboy Orville,
> along with a little history. This is certainly a realistic robot in every
> sense of the word, and probably exactly what Tomino originally visualized.
> It's lean, mean, decidedly not humanoid, and if anything, reminds me of the
> battlepods from Macross. There's no flash to be found, and this is an even
> more revolutionary change than Turn A. As a mechanical design, I'm not
> overly fond of it, but I expect it will fit the story perfectly since it's
> not about the robots.

Every indication so far is that the new character Ling A-bao fills in for Amuro

If I read this thing correctly, the C108 Gunboy Wilbur is the analog of the
Gundam and the C109 Gunboy Orville, also known as Cannon Boy, is the analog of
the Guncannon. ("Wilbur" and "Orville" are named for aviation pioneers the
Wright Brothers or, as noted here, the "Light" Brothers.)

They're actually the third and fourth Machining Skins and represent a departure
from the original Federation MS design, called G-M ("Gladiator Machining-skin"),
represented by a "well-known machine" called Gravity, yet to be shown.

Lalah Sung's special "streamer" machine is called (shudder) L-MESS....

> I'm still quite happy with how the characters look. I dig the Nagano
> inspired look with its long graceful lines (but hey, I'm also a huge Akitaka
> fan, big eyes and 80's style big hair and all!), so this is definately going
> to be an interesting series to read.

According to the blurb at the end of the third page, the next issue of Newtype
will feature a special manga version, the cover illustration of which is shown
in the graphic at the top of the page:

"Newtype's Serial 'Visual Stories' has jolty published in comics!! (left side)
FOR THE BARREL-Special Comic Edition "1984" Episode 1 "NO FUTURE"
Appearing next month"

Did I mention that I really, REALLY hope the English improves?


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