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I don't think anyone's posted this yet, but Newtype has another FTB update
on their site.
Along with some character art and descriptions (it's looking like there's no
Amuro..?), we finally get to see a picture of Machining Skin Gunboy Orville,
along with a little history. This is certainly a realistic robot in every
sense of the word, and probably exactly what Tomino originally visualized.
It's lean, mean, decidedly not humanoid, and if anything, reminds me of the
battlepods from Macross. There's no flash to be found, and this is an even
more revolutionary change than Turn A. As a mechanical design, I'm not
overly fond of it, but I expect it will fit the story perfectly since it's
not about the robots.
I'm still quite happy with how the characters look. I dig the Nagano
inspired look with its long graceful lines (but hey, I'm also a huge Akitaka
fan, big eyes and 80's style big hair and all!), so this is definately going
to be an interesting series to read.

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