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I can attest to the model part. I got my Nu Gundam in December and it had
this Hobby Japan booklet with a feature on modeling. It had instructions on
how to make a chrome finish Sazabi which I'm itching to try. :P

I think I have a better picture (after the discussion on the no-Japanese
dialogue First Gundam scandal) about why they don't always include these
nice omake to all their releases. But I sure wish that a lot more of these
make it to the US releases.


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> Actually, they are "first pressing edition exclusives" - a popular
> tool used in Japan to encourage initial sales by giving out bonus gifts
> that will not be made available with reissues. That's why you didn't get
> it with all of your episodes of 08th MS Team, because only the 1st print
> copies had these. These aren't limited to home video either, you find
> with CDs and even model kits as well - 1st print anime soundtrack CDs
> come in a special packaging or with specil gifts, while 1st issues of the
> MG MS-14A Gelgoog, GP01Fb, ZZ, Sazabi each came with special catalogs.
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