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>They're "omake" -- a Japanese term that means "extra" -- and they're just what
>the name implies, little "extras" added (usually) to collections, although
>also pop up on some of the early OAVs, which may have been considered
>"collections" at the time, since OAVs generally had two or three episodes per
>tape. For example, on my Volumes 3, 4 and 5 (Episodes 9-12, 13-16 and 17-20,
>respectively) of Nadia, there are three omake: Nautilus' 25 Secrets, Blue
>Water's Great Secret and Nadia Enters A Beauty Pageant.
>Omake are often animated in the chan or Super Deformed (SD) style and are
>may be
>self-parody or humor as well as information pieces. Gunbuster had little
>cartoon tutorials on relativity, the Tannhauser Gate, and so on.
>Because of the piecemeal way in which I acquired the 08th MS Team, I
>didn't get
>all of the omake, so I'm really looking forward to getting the series on DVD.
>The omake that I have are One Year War Beginning (follows Episode 5), Mobile
>Suit Development (follows Episode 6), Char Aznable (follows Episode 8) and
>Mobile Suit Development (follows Episode 9).

Actually, they are "first pressing edition exclusives" - a popular marketing
tool used in Japan to encourage initial sales by giving out bonus gifts
that will not be made available with reissues. That's why you didn't get
it with all of your episodes of 08th MS Team, because only the 1st print
copies had these. These aren't limited to home video either, you find them
with CDs and even model kits as well - 1st print anime soundtrack CDs often
come in a special packaging or with specil gifts, while 1st issues of the
MG MS-14A Gelgoog, GP01Fb, ZZ, Sazabi each came with special catalogs.


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