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Tue, 16 Jan 2001 00:31:21 -0500

After the Gouf custom MG i think we'll see the following:

Quebley (i just gotta feeling Bandai is gonna make a few of us really happy)

Dom Tropen (maybe - co incide with the HGUC release)

GPO3 Stamen

Gerbera Tetra (long shot - only see this one after the GP03 and the funky
looking GPO4 Gundam)

Jagd Doga (the resin kit has begun showing up in the back of Hobby Japan
with the Nu Gundam MG and the Sazabi MG. Does someone in japan know
something we don't)?

There was a rumor awhile ago of a MG The O. Considering Bandai seems to
release one to two monster size MG's a year (Sazabi, ZZ, Full Armor ZZ) I
think this is a safe bet for Dec or Nov 2001.

I know everyone thinks we'll get a Zeta plus and the Ex-S Gundam, but I am
soo sick of Gundams. I wanna see some heavy duty Zeon Hardware!

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