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Core writes,

>Are you sure?! Jan? I can't remember that. Unfortunately the book is
>somewhere on the Atlantic now, so I'll wait for others to comment on it.

  Yep, they have Doms in January, and in February we have Zeon pilots
stenciling GM kill markers on their Zakus. Beautiful pictures, but not
what I'd call a reliable source.

>Also annoys me: the Cyclop team appeared more often than Amuro (zero),
>Char (twice?), Bright (zero), Lalah (once, on the same pic with

  Amuro's in there, in the group photo shot with Matilda.

>Yes that's a sweet one. I just wish there were more of everything, and with
>even better editing. It could well be split into two books also, one
>the major historical events, with lots of pics of Zeon, Revil, Gihren
(on the politics
>side) and pics of Op British, Ruum, Odessa, A Boa Qu (on the action
side), the
>other would be the "lives of the little folks", like that "Lipstick", or
"guys at the
>MS factory" etc.

  I guess one precedent for this mock-documentary style would be the
"Mobile Suit in Action" sections from the classic MSV books (no relation
to the action figure line). These featured lengthy explanations of the
model-box paintings from many MSV kits, replete with speculation and
inferences from the "photos" that attempted to establish the place, time,
and whether it was actual battle footage or a propaganda photo. The text
in the new MSV Collection File is in much the same vein.

>[*] hmm may be that doesn't sound quite right. I mean I like 0080 the
OVA too,
>but the OVA itself was careful not to disrupt 0079 too much. The title
was "War
>in the Pocket" for a good reason dudes! It's a tragic little story that
had no
>meaning to anyone, except for the audience who wept for Bernie and Christine.
>So why does the book bend over backwards to highlight 0080 and ignore 0079?

  'Cause it was made by the 0080 staff. If you aren't going to be able to
redo the entire series, at least you can create a deluxe coffee-table
book to show how you _would_ have done it. :-)

-- Mark

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