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At 15:25 01/15/2001 +0100, Dr. Core wrote:
>> First, in one of the early pictures, dated January 0079, there was a
>>Dom-like MS in the picture. For those of you with the book, that's the
>Are you sure?! Jan? I can't remember that. Unfortunately the book is
>somewhere on the Atlantic now, so I'll wait for others to comment on it.

        Yes, I'm pretty sure. In fact, that picture -- and the date -- was
the reason why I posted the question. =)

>Also annoys me: the Cyclop team appeared more often than Amuro (zero),

        Amuro got in once -- group photo with Matilda (sp?), remember?

>Char (twice?), Bright (zero), Lalah (once, on the same pic with

        Lalah got two, I think. The first's the one you mentioned, the
second is an implied shot, that of the girl sitting in front of a lake in
Side 6. Typical flowing yellow gown of Lalah's there, IIRC.

>Char). Christine got a nice pic also.

        She got two, and very clearly mentioned. The photo's date tagged her
very clearly, though I can't recall the dates now.

>> BTW, my personal favourite pic did not have any known characters in
>>it. Instead, my favourite pic is "Lipstick". Great pic, great backstory. =)
>Yes that's a sweet one. I just wish there were more of everything, and with
>even better editing.

        True, but that'll burn a hole in my pocket. =(

        Good points about the little folks. One particularly cute set of
photos is the one where the Federation soldiers moved forward in the first
to engage a Zaku, and the second which showed them coming back more rapidly.
The caption was hilarious in its deadpan delivery. =)

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