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Lim Jyue wrote:
> Browsed through this book at my local Kinokuniya today. Man, I've
>GOT to get it! Worth every cent in my book, althought it's a tad
>expensive... and a few strange things too.

It's one of the best book in my G lib also.

> First, in one of the early pictures, dated January 0079, there was a
>Dom-like MS in the picture. For those of you with the book, that's the

Are you sure?! Jan? I can't remember that. Unfortunately the book is
somewhere on the Atlantic now, so I'll wait for others to comment on it.

>Teriyari Attack picture -- great pic, BTW. But is the Dom in production by
>then? IIRC, it's also using a MMP-80, which seems a tad bit strange.

All the regular MS (Zaku, Dom, Gelgoog) are 0080-styled. Gundam was seen
only once in the book, and a rear-view at that, AND it wasn't even positively

> The other major point that I can remember is a picture establishing
>the presence of the Cyclops team (presumably on Earth) in Feburary 0079. Is
>that possible?

Isn't it? I don't know. Well so many pics in the book contradict common sense
and/or cannonical history that it's not that important whether the Cyclop team
was on Earth or not. Just judging from the OVA, the Cyclop team looks like
they have been formed for a long time, probably before the war started. So no
reason they weren't in on the Earth Invasion right? If Bernie were seen with
the Cyclop team in Feb '79, then that's a crime, but if it's in MSEra, it
surprise me that much.

Mark's the guy to ask about pilot histories...

Also annoys me: the Cyclop team appeared more often than Amuro (zero),
Char (twice?), Bright (zero), Lalah (once, on the same pic with
Char). Christine
got a nice pic also. Now if as the foreward to the book says, this is a
compilation of un-classified photos collected in ... geez what year was that?
0089 or something? (and later a second edition was printed in 0099) Well
if the
book was compiled in 0089, why the hell were there so many photos from one
team of secret special op dudes? And how could they have not been able to
positively identify the First Gundam? Perhap if it was the NT1 (or GP-0x)
in the
pic then it makes sense to babble something about secret prototype, but the
original white dude!

Anyway there are too many coy reference to 0080 for this book to be a serious
historical reference*. But the pics are sweet. I'd just wish it's edited
by a regular
G expert rather than a 0080 offshoot. But then... it was probably made when
hopes were high that 0079 would be re-animated in 0080 style (this was back
in 1989-1990?). So I guess that influenced the artists.

And I must add, it's a powerful inspiration to many G fans of the
military/historical buffs type.

> It's good to see old characters like MacKenize and Alfred being
>showcased again. =)

I don't know that's right way to say it, I think it's more like MSEra is a
cross-promotional product for 0080.

> BTW, my personal favourite pic did not have any known characters in
>it. Instead, my favourite pic is "Lipstick". Great pic, great backstory. =)

Yes that's a sweet one. I just wish there were more of everything, and with
even better editing. It could well be split into two books also, one documents
the major historical events, with lots of pics of Zeon, Revil, Gihren (on
the politics
side) and pics of Op British, Ruum, Odessa, A Boa Qu (on the action side), the
other would be the "lives of the little folks", like that "Lipstick", or
"guys at the
MS factory" etc.

[*] hmm may be that doesn't sound quite right. I mean I like 0080 the OVA
but the OVA itself was careful not to disrupt 0079 too much. The title was
in the Pocket" for a good reason dudes! It's a tragic little story that
had no
meaning to anyone, except for the audience who wept for Bernie and Christine.
So why does the book bend over backwards to highlight 0080 and ignore 0079?

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