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My understanding of those mini-clips were that they followed eps of 08 team
to explain about the Gundam Universe. Pretty informative, if they are
subtitled or if you understand Japanese.
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> In a videocd I have bought, it has happened to me to find something
> These are some very short episodes (two or three minutes long) showing the
> history of Federation and Zion and how the OYW begun. They aren't neither
> animated,. they are some pictures (images) with a voice that explains the
> details. Moreover there are some scenes of Gundam Ms 8th Team, but these
> scenes are not present in the OAV at all. We can see a different fighting
> between Shiro's Ball and Aina's purple coloured suit (it was a Zack,
> it?), a fighting between Earth Federation and Zion's Mobile suits in
> base, and other sequences ever seen. What I am wondering is: what are
> short episodes and sequences of 8th Team going under the name of Gunextra
> (at least this is the name I have found them)? Were they promotional
> or what?
> Alessandro
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