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This idea is loads of fun, continue it man, even if it comes out only once a
week or even every two weeks (or maybe whenever you feel like it, just feel
like it a lot okay.)

P.S. The image of thousands of crazy Otaku (in MS costumes) outside Sunrise
HQ going "SUB IT, SUB IT!" is now forever ingrained in my mind.

P.P.S. Quatre as one of the eight "eight popularly attractive yet insane

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From: Burke Rukes <>
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Subject: [gundam] Newspaper article on First Gundam DVDs

Hey everybody!

I was at a bookstore today when I noticed a newspaper
with an interesting headline regarding the First
Gundam DVD fiasco. It's posted up on my web site... go
check it out, you'll get a kick out of it. ^_^ And
tell me what you think, too... it's a new thing I'm
thinking of doing on a semi-regular basis between
writing new "Burke's" files... I've been reading The
Onion too much lately. And if you don't know what The
Onion is, go here:

Have fun! Later!

-Burke Rukes

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