Alessandro (
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 09:48:30 +0100

In a videocd I have bought, it has happened to me to find something strange.
These are some very short episodes (two or three minutes long) showing the
history of Federation and Zion and how the OYW begun. They aren't neither
animated,. they are some pictures (images) with a voice that explains the
details. Moreover there are some scenes of Gundam Ms 8th Team, but these
scenes are not present in the OAV at all. We can see a different fighting
between Shiro's Ball and Aina's purple coloured suit (it was a Zack, wasn't
it?), a fighting between Earth Federation and Zion's Mobile suits in Kojima
base, and other sequences ever seen. What I am wondering is: what are these
short episodes and sequences of 8th Team going under the name of Gunextra
(at least this is the name I have found them)? Were they promotional videos
or what?

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