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        Browsed through this book at my local Kinokuniya today. Man, I've
GOT to get it! Worth every cent in my book, althought it's a tad
expensive... and a few strange things too.

        First, in one of the early pictures, dated January 0079, there was a
Dom-like MS in the picture. For those of you with the book, that's the
Teriyari Attack picture -- great pic, BTW. But is the Dom in production by
then? IIRC, it's also using a MMP-80, which seems a tad bit strange.

        The other major point that I can remember is a picture establishing
the presence of the Cyclops team (presumably on Earth) in Feburary 0079. Is
that possible?

        It's good to see old characters like MacKenize and Alfred being
showcased again. =)

        BTW, my personal favourite pic did not have any known characters in
it. Instead, my favourite pic is "Lipstick". Great pic, great backstory. =)

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