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  Please do not buy the Temjin. It's waist joint broke when I was opening
the blister card it came in. It feel in half the minute I touched it. Most
Bandai kits nowadays are more strudy then some of Kaiyodo's releases are. I
heard reports that some of their Evangelion figures did this, yet my Eva
Unit 02 is fine. I've heard someone had no problems with the temjin, though.
Kaiyodo's toys seem to be a gamble. Either the one you get is fine or breaks
in half. Seems they need better QC and/or materiels.

   Get one if you can get a refund or a replacement if it breaks, otherwise,
only get one if your feeling lucky :) While I understand these are a
collectors items, they are still toys and should at least be somewhat more
durable then a kit is. The figures have awesome detail, paint jobs, etc.,
but are somewhat fragile. Can't speak for the Votoms, though. I want one,
but have heard bad, as well as good, about them.

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> I was just looking at pictures of the recently released Votoms and Virtual
> On figures by Kaiyodo. I've experienced mixed results with Kaiyodo's
> efforts, but from what I'm hearing, both of these lines are _really_ cool.
> Anybody have one (or several) and care to comment?
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