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OOPS. this is what I get for being drunk and posting. let's just say I
tried the Gundam Drinking Game out, and then tried to answer e-mail. This
is not good when one has finished off about 6 or so Red Horse beers. Uhm,
let's just say that red horse is not approved by the FDA as beer.

I was talking about the MG FAZZ, the Nu is a DREAM. It fixed everything bad
about the old kit -- unfortunately, the old kit somehow looks more menacing.

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> What do you mean by "transformable," I don't remember from the anime that
> the Nu Gundam can transform at all!?
> When are say "it was originally derived from a kit that is meant to
> transform," do you mean its derived from the ZZ gundam?
> I have to say it has tons of parts. Some are almost usless and needlessly
> tiny! But the finished model looks good and feels solid.
> >Dude, it is one sadomasochistic kit. nice everything, but you have to
> >realize that it was originally derived from a kit that is meant to
> >transform
> >(hence the oodles of parts), but then, this version Doesn't.
> >
> >Impressive to look at, but sometimes one will get the feeling that it was
> >waste of some good plastic...the transformable areas, I mean.

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