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I have met/interviewed with Dean Kamen at DEKA Research in Manchester NH.
My opinion of the man from my visits and meeting are that this man is
unquestionably brilliant. I was taken on a tour of the DEKA facility and saw
some of the projects that they were working on and they are indeed cutting edge
or if you prefer "State of the Art". Kamen's attitude is "I can imagine it so
somehow it can be done, he does not employ people who say thing like
maybe/could be possible he only hires those who embrace his "vision" and put all
there effort into making it happen.
What ever "IT" is I am sure that it will work as advertised.


God of Death wrote:

> Check out the story at
> Everyone Wants to Know: What Is 'IT'?
> There's been feverish speculation about the newest invention from Kamen, the
> National Medal of Technology-winning inventor who created a portable
> dialysis machine, a drug-infusion gadget, a stair-climbing wheelchair and
> about 100 other thingamajigs.
> The buzz over "IT" got so loud it even prompted the distinguished publishing
> house of Harvard Business School Press to agree to hand over $250,000
> advance for a book on a device whose function they didn't know and that
> isn't going to be officially unveiled until 2002.
> The device "will sweep over the world and change lives, cities and ways of
> thinking," the proposed book's author, Steve Kemper, wrote in his book
> proposal. "'IT' will be an alternative to products that are dirty,
> expensive, sometimes dangerous and often frustrating, especially for people
> in the cities."
> The inventor, he went on, would soon be "meeting with city planners,
> regulators, legislators, large commercial companies and university
> presidents about how cities, companies and campuses can be retro-fitted for
> Ginger."
> The new contraption, expected to cost about $2,000, has been cooed over by
> such technological luminaries as's Jeff Bezos and Apple's Steve
> Jobs.
> "A product so revolutionary, you'll have no problem selling it," Bezos said.
> "The question is, are people to be allowed to use it?"
> While some say they're prepared to meet the future head on, others smell a
> hoax in the making. Either way, there may be no definitive answer until
> Kamen officially unveils "IT" in 2002.
> NEW YORK "IT" may have been unmasked.
> The invention so fantastic that it will supposedly change the way cities are
> built, yet so secret that only a handful of people have actually seen "IT,"
> is apparently a kind of super-duper, Star Wars-esque scooter.
> Patent applications filed with the U.S. Patent Office and World Intellectual
> Property Organization by Deka Products reveal a stand-up motorized vehicle
> that can be folded up and is impossible to knock over.
> The device, designed by noted inventor Dean Kamen, would have a built-in
> global positioning system that would allow users to simply punch in a
> destination, sit well, stand back, and enjoy a smooth, pollution-free
> ride. Using gyroscopes, computers and internal sensors, "IT" also known as
> "Ginger" can negotiate rocks and small obstacles. The power source is
> unknown, but speculation has centered on tiny hydrogen cells. The
> international patent was granted Dec. 14, the American one on Oct. 26, 1999.
> "The present invention pertains to vehicles and methods for transporting
> individuals, and more particularly to balancing vehicles and methods for
> transporting individuals over ground having a surface that may be
> irregular," the patent papers say drily.
> Ten pages of the application posted on include several
> pages of diagrams in which men and women stand aboard odd-looking devices
> that resemble skateboards crossed with pogo sticks. One looks like a large
> skateboard with a single wheel in the middle; another features a man
> precariously balanced on a winged tray with the same single wheel. Others
> resemble scooters or futuristic vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers.
> Calls to Kamen in Manchester, N.H., went unanswered.
> Ok, so maybe this guy created an engine that runs on hydrogen and powers
> "scooters" around with GPS. Are we getting closer to my Hyaku Shiki?
> (giggles like schoolgirl and jumps repeatedly up and down) Or am I having
> delusions of grandeur? You decide.
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