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Sun, 14 Jan 2001 01:17:11 -0500

   This whole deal doesn't bother me as, other then some voices not fitting
thre character right, namely making Zechs sound evil, the GW dub was
excellent as far as dubs go. Dubs are getting better and better all the
time. Cowboy Bebop has an *execellent* dub as well.

  The reason why this doesn't bother/worry me is because Tomino is involved
in the dub, at least he's supposed to be.

  Second, it' going to be released to DVD dubbed, but uncut with scenes not
shown on US TV! AnimeVillages site said this. I assume first Gunda IS going
to be shown on US TV. As while there's been no official announcement about
that, yet Anime Village said that the DVD's will have footage not shown on
US TV, yet First Gundam hasn't been shown on US TV?!?!

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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