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VR Missions is very different and both are great games. If I were you,
though, I'd rent VR Missions before I buy it. It's fun and involving, but
there isn't a storyline, and, for some people, that's a must. To sum it up,
it's really a bunch of situations, mysteries, puzzles, strategies, drills,
etc. that you have to accomplish to unlock various whatnots which I won't
spoil for you. However, you do get to play as Liquid Snake in his
metallic-ninja suit, which is my personal favorite video game character of
all time, and the different and immense collection of things to do will keep
you occupied for a very long time. Metal Gear Solid (PSX) is also a great
game. Everything about it rocks. If it's not too late, though, I'd start
saving my money up for the sequel, "Sons of Liberty" for Playstation 2!
Expect my leaving the list for a while when it comes out. I hope this
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> for anyone who has this game, whats the differance between this and VR
> Missions?
> Michael
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