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Darth Vader and the Emperor would do a 'Fist of the North Star' and change
Size between Camera Shots.

Anykind of Star Fighter would transform into a Robot.

Wedge Antillies would die in a Heroic (or pointless) Sacrifice saving Luke
from the Enemy.

The Millenium Falcon would

a-Have a Wave Motion Gun

b-Be a retrofitted Sailing Ship of Some sort.

c-Allow Han to have dramatic moments standing on the Ship's Roof in Space
without a need for Atmosphere.

Han would own a Cosmo Dragoon (Galaxy Express 999)

So would Luke

Han would turn up whenever he liked and continuity be damned (Captain
Harlock does it all the time!)

Chewbacca and the Ewoks could only speak in various Pronounciation of their
own Name (Pokemon)

Darth Vader was actually the Emperor's Right Hand Man so he could kill him
and avenge his own father.

Vader has Blond Hair under the Helmet.
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