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<< *X-wings and Y-wings would transform, and then combine to form a more
 powerful craft. >>

the final super form being something resembling a maid with a vaccuum

<<*Han Solo, being the epitome of American Power, would be blond, carry
around a HUGE gun, and scare small children.>>

oversized jaw is a must as well.

<<*Luke would have black hair, and be a lot more negative.>>

and he'd rip up envelopes left and right, because girls would fall at his
feet. ok maybe that's a little too imaginative...

<<*Light sabers would be replaced by katanas or Chinese long-swords that
would glow so you could see which was flashing against the black
background. The swords would have to be metal, so that injuries could be
emphasized with gushing blood.>>

i CANNOT argue with this, having seen "crouching tiger, hidden dragon"

<<*The Ewoks would be even cuter. (Eeeeeee...)>>

and they would splatter more...heh heh...

<<*Vader wouldn't have to squeeze air to kill a guy with the force. He would
just touch him and tell him "You are already dead," followed by
gratuitously vile explosions.>>

a little OT: i could see Hiko Seijurou (Rurouni Kenshin) doing something like

<<*Luke wouldn't have to use a rope to jump across a trench. Anime heroes can
jump as far as they want to.>>

either that, or he'd use newtype abilities to float across the damn
thing...just to get shot in midair and fall down it, thus starting another
subplot involving ewoks of the dark side...going too far again...

<<*The explosion of the Death Star would be shown with a sequence of
watercolor paintings.>>

heck with that, it'd look like a Gekiganger III explosion (3 frames maximum!!)

<<*And finally, Luke would have a brother, who accepts the Dark Side as his
destiny and is evil to the last breath.>>

he'd also have his own band of cronies. bands of cronies are a must for anime
bad guys.


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