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It's a hoax, folks. It's been around since December 1999.


Here are the three classic warning signs of a hoax:

1. Panic!!! Hoaxes are almost breathlessly urgent warnings of dire
consequences for which there is no defense. The messages title always have at
least three exclamation marks in them. By constrast, real virus warnings read
more like weather reports.

2. Lack of attribution. More precisely, false attribution. Hoaxes always name
a reputable source like Microsoft or CNN but never include a link to the
announcement claimed to have been made by that source. At most, you get a link
to their general Web site -- not even to the page for their technical
department, from which links to announcements might reasonably follow.

3. Lack of defensive action. A hoax always tells you that there's no defense
once you've been hit; your system is doomed!!! A genuine computer virus warning
always give the exact methodology and chain of propagation used by the virus and
details on every link in that chain by which you may circumvent it. It also
gives you remedial action that may be taken to minimize and repair the damage.

Please ignore such messages and refrain from forwarding them. Passing on hoax
messages only propagates them further, turning YOU into computer "virus" of


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Scott Alexander Frantz

> Subject: A new virus has just been discovered that
> has been classified by
> Microsoft (www. microsoft. com) and by McAfee (www.
> mcafee. com ) as the most destructive ever!
> This virus was discovered yesterday afternoon by
> McAfee and no vaccine has
> yet been developed. This virus simply destroys Sector
> Zero from the hard
> disk, where vital information for its functioning are
> stored. This virus
> acts in the following manner: It sends itself
> automatically to all
> contacts on your list with the title "A Virtual Card for You".
> As soon as the supposed
> virtual card is opened, the computer freezes so that
> the user has to reboot.
> When the ctrl+alt+del keys or the reset button are
> pressed, the virus destroys Sector Zero, thus permanently destroying the
> hard disk.
> Yesterday in just a few hours this virus caused panic
> in New York, according
> to news broadcast by CNN (www. cnn. com ). This alert
> was received by an employee of Microsoft itself. So don't open any mails
> with subject "A Virtual Card for You". As soon as you get the mail, delete
> it.

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