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I saw the last ep thru a very bad VHS, anyone (preferably in the
Philippines) have a good copy of it or at least know where to find one?

>Aaaah, I finished off watching the Gundam OAVs today with good >ol' 08th
>MS team. Naturally, I have a few questions. First of all, the >episodes I
>got were screwed up and the last maybe... 2 minutes of episode >9 and 10
>were cut off. I probably didn't miss anything, but if I did, >I'd like to
>know what happened. SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN 08MST

You didn't miss anything much.

> Ep 9 ended when those Zeon Soldiers are returning to base and >the doors

And Ghinias blows them up since the order to cancel the Apsaras project
hasn't been recieved and acknowledged by Giren yet.

>close in front of them. Ep 10 ended just as the Gouf Custom >gets
>destroyed and it kills that last Guntank. Which was awesome

Shiro is in shock and when Aina comes out inj the Apsaras, decides to quit
the military, this scene is repleyd in the next ep.

>btw. I think
>Norris Packard is my new favorite character. Also, what is the >advantage
>of putting a Zaku head on the Apsalas? Sure, it's cost >efficient, and it

That's probably it, the Zaku head is a more cost efficient way than building
a specialezed monoeye camera for the Apsaras.

>was made from scrap parts, but isn't there a much more >efficient way for
>it to see besides a little tiny ol' head? Also... what is the >deal in the
>ending eps?? I just didn't get it. Ayna and Shiro ARE Alive >right? And
>what's the deal with the kids? Real? or an illusion? And I >missed ep 8,
>from what I gathered in ep 9, pretty much all the important >parts of ep 8
>are covered in Miller's report, and I've seen Millers Report. I >think I
>had some more questions but I think I can find out later.

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