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Joseph Riggs writes,

>I suppose the proper question is "Which Bandai owns Sunrise?"
>The letter comes from Bandai Entertainment. It makes reference to Bandai
>Visual. Are there more companies with the name Bandai?
>So it may be possible that Bandai owns Sunrise, but which Bandai is at
>the top?

  The parent company is Bandai Co., Ltd. The English version of its Web
site has a listing of susidiaries...


  Look under "Group Companies" for the complete list. Highlights include...


  * Banpresto Co., Ltd. -> arcade machines, some video games
  * Bandai Visual Co., Ltd. -> anime production & video sales
  * Bandai Networks Co., Ltd. -> online entertainment
  * Sunrise Inc. -> anime production & character management
  * Yutaka Co., Ltd. -> crappy little 0083 toys
  * Plex Co., Ltd. -> live-action toys, inc. Power Rangers
  * Bec Co., Ltd. -> PlayStation and Wonder Swan software
  * Bandai Logipal Inc. -> toy distribution

  As you'll see from the Sunrise profile, its brief extends beyond merely
cranking out anime - it has a laundry-list of responsibilities regarding
character merchandising and licensing, game production, and online
publishing. It almost seems like a company-within-a-company...


  * Bandai America Inc. -> U.S. toys and such
  * Bandai Entertainment Inc. -> U.S. video production
  * The Upper Deck Co., LLC -> trading cards
  * Bandai S.A. -> European branch
  * Bandai U.K. Ltd. -> British branch
  * Bandai (H.K.) Co., Ltd. -> Hong Kong and China
  * Banpresto (H.K.) Ltd. -> Banpresto's Hong King subsidiary

  Note that there are two separate companies responsible for the U.S.
market, though they work out of the same offices and share staff. Bandai
Entertainment supervises anime & video production, as well as video sales
and the Web site. Bandai America is in charge of toy
production and sales, and is primarily in charge of

  Hence, the First Gundam issue involves Sunrise Inc. and Bandai
Entertainment Inc., who are just two of the numerous subsidiaries of the
parent company.

-- Mark

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