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Nicholas Paufler wrote:

> Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Bandai bought Sunrise years
> ago?
> I was under the impression that it was one of their many subsidiaries
> now...? I used to have a link to a "History of Bandai" page, but it no
> longer seems to be active so I can't confirm.
> I realize that they may want to restrict reverse importing, but I find it
> hard to believe that Sunrise would refuse to give them the Japanese language
> track. That's downright foolish ... their success is tied to Bandai (even if
> they're not a subsidiary), and I find it hard to believe that Sunrise would
> attempt to stand up to the behemoth that is Bandai for no apparent reason.

I suppose the proper question is "Which Bandai owns Sunrise?"
The letter comes from Bandai Entertainment. It makes reference to Bandai
Visual. Are there more companies with the name Bandai?
So it may be possible that Bandai owns Sunrise, but which Bandai is at the top?
If, as I suspect, Bandai Entertainment and Sunrise are both subsidiaries of a
larger company, then its more than likely a case of the parent company siding
with Sunrise over Bandai Entertainment.


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