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> Here's a second point I want to make. While it's not
> 100% confirmed, it's 99% likely right now that First
> Gundam will begin airing on Cartoon Network in just 2
> months. Bandai owns all the copyrights of all official
> Gundam product, and being the marketing/capitalist
> giant that it is, they're in this to MAKE MONEY. Now,
> are a bunch of kids who - being kids, and thus fickle
> and "trendy" when it comes to what's currently "cool"
> - going to really give a damn about First Gundam
> probably a full year after it's aired... enough to buy
> a DVD? I think not. (Personally, I'm still not sure if
> First Gundam will keep up the momentum of Wing's
> popularity, or the "age" and "old looks" of the show
> and its designs will kill it... but that's another
> worn-out subject for another thread.) If Bandai wants
> to maximize on the merchandise profits based on their
> video releases (on TV), they have to cash in on the
> market NOW.

Everything I've heard is projecting a March and more likely April appearance
of First Gundam.
However, how many 7-13 year old boys (i.e. the primary Cartoon Network
target audience) do you know who A) have a DVD player and b) have the
disposable income to afford to drop in excess of $200us on a TV show?
Not many. Most kids are going to be getting the VHS version. It's the
hardcore fans, such as ourselves, who'll be buying the DVD's, since we care
about the extra quality, bilingual language tracks, extra features, etc etc.

> Plus, there's one more factor we need to think
> about... according to rumor (has this been 100%
> confirmed by anyone yet?), Yoshiyuki Tomino himself is
> supervising the re-editing/dubbing of First Gundam. So
> it may turn out to be A Good Thing after all... and if
> it's good enough, I probably will go ahead and buy it
> myself, even if it is English-only. I'm probably in a
> minority here, but I would have bought Mononoke even
> if the DVD were English-only... I thought the dub was
> THAT GOOD. I think everyone here can admit that
> dubbing - while still not perfect - has come a long
> way from the days when all we had were Streamline
> and... well, Streamline. I also liked the Wing dub
> myself (my only big problem was with Zechs' voice)...
> I still have all my dubbed episodes taped off TV
> (aside from the ones that are currently out on DVD).
> If the First Gundam dub will be as good as that, I
> think I can swallow an English-only DVD.
I can't, on principle alone.
Sub VHS is dying a miserable death. It never made as much money as dub VHS,
so with the advent of DVD, most companies are dropping sub VHS and telling
sub fans to buy the DVD's.
It is a _very_ dangerous precedent to be setting to have a dub only DVD
release. Pokemon I can understand. Despite its merchandising success, it's
not something that forever changed the face of anime. First Gundam did.
So say they release a dub only DVD and it sells like mad. Next time someone
is planning a DVD release and they notice that the lack of a sub track
didn't affect the sales, they might cut corners, saving money in licensing
and production costs by only releasing a dub track there, too. I hate to
fear monger, but this is _not_ a good thing.

> Okay, I've done enough preaching for now. I just
> wanted to give all of you some points to think about
> before you sign that petition. I noticed that ALL of
> the signatures there said they would NOT buy an
> English-only DVD... you might want to give that some
> thought youself before you answer that question on the
> petition.
I deleted the quoted part about Bandai's edits, so I'll talk about this
For the Gundam Wing release, Bandai had it dubbed. They then edited the dub
and redubbed some of the lines as neccesary. Hence, the DVD release was
unedited and had both dub and sub forms.
First Gundam is being edited to meet "North American" standards (ptooey. The
moral minority can suck it, if you ask me.) during the edits to add the so
called "3d" effects. That video will be given a fresh English dub track. So
we end up with a DVD of content edited such that it can air in the afternoon
of CN's broadcast day, and no Japanese track.
Think about it. No Japanese Language. Edited content.
For those of you who bought the Gundam Wing DVD's, would you have bought
them if they contained the edited version of the video only? (I will
"destroy" you. The lack of blood. The various ot her edits).
I really, really don't like this idea in the slightest.

> Just my 2 yen. :)
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