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Fri, 12 Jan 2001 10:10:50 -0500 (EST)

Alam mo ba na ipinadala mo itong e-mail sa GML. Kaya tuloy ang ibang mga
member ay hindi makakaintindi

Do you know that you sent this e-mail to the GML. No\\Due to this, some of
the members won't be able to understand.

Okay enough of that. (puts up beam umbrella just in case)

What I followed was a guide that I got from IGN Guides, at elst in my old
save game which no longer exists since I ran out of mem card space (Then
again, my FF6 save file is still there).

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Subject: Re: [gundam] Why is it called Salamis class?

>> >Interesting. Maybe Front Mission 3 was paying a tribute to >>Hathaway's
>> Flash.
>> >The Philippine sequence there also occured in Davao City >IIRC.
>> You forgot about the Taal lake mission man. That was a tough >one but if
>> do it right you get the Pinoy guy.

>Actually with Front Mission 3, mayroong siyang mga decision >tree, and if
>play it a certain way, you get certain characters. my dad and >I mapped
>out. the first decision, of course, occurs early in the game, >and that
>affects which characters you end up with...and the weird thing >is, the
>characters you end up with end up being sometimes your enemy, >dependent on
>how you play certain other decisions and scenarios...not >necessarily how
>well you play a scenario, but how you make certain decisions in >the
>in-between scenes. of course, a certain scene in the desert is >important
>figuring out a particular fight later...hayun. also, cute yung >other
>Filipino character, which is a Filipina.

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