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Nick writes regarding the petition for a bilingual
First Gundam DVD release:

> My bad.
> The correct link is
> $2
> Sorry bout that gents.

Okay, it's time for some cool heads to stop and think
about all of this. First of all, I'm in a quandry over
this subject. On AnimeVillage's site, they say, "The
Mobile Suit Gundam DVDs (also known as "First Gundam")
that are being released in August are the video and
audio-enhanced US TV Broadcast English Language
version. The Japanese track could not be added due to
the editing required." I can fully understand why a
English-only DVD release is coming out in August... we
have to remember that the series is undergoing the
"Special Edition" treatment, getting digitally
remastered, with depth-creating focus effects added
and so forth, and so on. Now, I'll be the first to
admit that I don't know squat about the entire
"dubbing process," but I would venture to say that
what we're dealing with is a case of ALL the video
being stripped of its original audio track just so
that it can be "enhanced", and then have the new audio
added. I can fully understand that, while it is
entirely possible to "add" the original Japanese audio
back into the new video, the editing would be a costly
and logistical nightmare.

So, you should ask yourselves, are you willing to pay
a much higher price... and possibly wait longer... for
a bilingual DVD release? Needless to say, I'm sure
just about everyone (including myself) would say,
"Yes." BUT...

Here's a second point I want to make. While it's not
100% confirmed, it's 99% likely right now that First
Gundam will begin airing on Cartoon Network in just 2
months. Bandai owns all the copyrights of all official
Gundam product, and being the marketing/capitalist
giant that it is, they're in this to MAKE MONEY. Now,
are a bunch of kids who - being kids, and thus fickle
and "trendy" when it comes to what's currently "cool"
- going to really give a damn about First Gundam
probably a full year after it's aired... enough to buy
a DVD? I think not. (Personally, I'm still not sure if
First Gundam will keep up the momentum of Wing's
popularity, or the "age" and "old looks" of the show
and its designs will kill it... but that's another
worn-out subject for another thread.) If Bandai wants
to maximize on the merchandise profits based on their
video releases (on TV), they have to cash in on the
market NOW.

And who's to say that Bandai DOESN'T want to release a
bilingual DVD, or a DVD with Japanese audio/English
subs? They know there's a market for it, obviously.
And it's technically possible. But they need to make
their money from First Gundam's popularity WHILE IT'S
doesn't mean that Bandai WON'T release a bilingual DVD
later... the way I see it, it's a matter of marketing
and timing.

Plus, there's one more factor we need to think
about... according to rumor (has this been 100%
confirmed by anyone yet?), Yoshiyuki Tomino himself is
supervising the re-editing/dubbing of First Gundam. So
it may turn out to be A Good Thing after all... and if
it's good enough, I probably will go ahead and buy it
myself, even if it is English-only. I'm probably in a
minority here, but I would have bought Mononoke even
if the DVD were English-only... I thought the dub was
THAT GOOD. I think everyone here can admit that
dubbing - while still not perfect - has come a long
way from the days when all we had were Streamline
and... well, Streamline. I also liked the Wing dub
myself (my only big problem was with Zechs' voice)...
I still have all my dubbed episodes taped off TV
(aside from the ones that are currently out on DVD).
If the First Gundam dub will be as good as that, I
think I can swallow an English-only DVD.

Okay, I've done enough preaching for now. I just
wanted to give all of you some points to think about
before you sign that petition. I noticed that ALL of
the signatures there said they would NOT buy an
English-only DVD... you might want to give that some
thought youself before you answer that question on the

Just my 2 yen. :)

-Burke Rukes

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