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> I believe that the 6 month rules (For Bandai's material) is still in
> No DVD with Japanese audio until a DVD release of the same title has been
> release in Japan for at least 6 months. Since the Japanese Gundam boxset
> just came out, they are quite concern about reverse import of US release
> eating the Japanese profit.
They first DVD isn't due out until August of 2001. That's 8 months from now,
so if the DVD boxset is available already, that certainly passes the 6 motnh

> Hey, I can wait. No Japanese language with English sub, no DVD for me.
I can't. I've been waiting to see First Gundam since I became a Gundam fan,
and I can't see standing by idly. This is a _Horrid_ precedent to set. First
Gundam is at least as influental as any of Miyazaki's works, so it deserves
an equally respectful treatment.
Beuna Vista Japan was wary of a Region 1 Mononoke Hime DVD release because
they were afraid of reverse importing, since it has yet to see a DVD release
in Region 2. A sufficient fan outcry meant cooler heads prevailed, and we
ended up with a spectacular DVD release.

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