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Gundam Wing: The Movie - SPECIAL DVD - February
Gundam MS08th - DVD 1 - July
Mobile Suit Gundam (TV dub)- DVD 1 - August
Gundam 0083 - DVD 1 - September
Gundam 0080 - DVD 1 - October

First Gundam (08:35 PM EST): The upcoming release of the original Gundam TV series, being titled "First Gundam", has been confirmed to be dub only on DVD.


Now ... I'm glad that Bandai is calling it "First Gundam" ... I've grown to like that title a lot more than Gundam 0079 ... but dub only? I'm sorry but what the _fuck_ are they thinking? The only thing I can think of is that they don't want people in Japan reverse importing the DVD's, but still this is unbelievable and something _must_ be done. I certainly won't be buying the DVD's if they're dub only.... Anybody have a Bandai USA contact e-mail? This _needs_ to be treated with the same level of seriousness as when the Mononoke Hime DVD wasn't going to have the Japanese language track. Bandai has never released any of their DVD titles in North America dub-only, so this is an exceedingly bad precedent to set, _especially_ with First Gundam. GMLers, mount up. We have work to do.

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