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Wasn't this discussed in a previous thread where it was mentioned that
"kidou" was a ternm used either in WW2 or the Vietnam war to describe units
that were highly swift and mobile?

>Alessandro wrote:

> In a manga of Kazuhisa Kondo, its name is "MS Gundam - MS Senki (its
> japanese
> title, of course), the name of a Zeon's ship, a Musai class, is told. But,
> as I'm not sure how it has to be read, I wanted to ask you if anybody of
> knows its name (in katakana is "Burumeru", so I had thought at something
> like Blumer or Brumel). What do you think about? In the following pages
> there is a reference to the Ma kube's ship as a "kidou junyou kan" (its
> is a Madagascar) that could be translated approximately as "new model of
> mobile cruiser". I don't understand what the word "mobile" means. What
> of ship
> was it?

Mobile basically means it can move. In an English context, 'mobile cruiser'
would seem to imply that the ship in question is able to move rapidly (in
long term), and also possibly that it has some degree of maneuverablity. Of
course, since we're talking about an English translation of a Japanese
that definition should be taken with a grain of salt.


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