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Scott asks,

>Hmm, this is quite a nit I'm picking here, but...
>My impression is that both Tivvay and Chivvay were trying to represent the
>same thing in Japanese... using 'te' plus small 'i' had become more
>acceptable to represent the foreign 'ti' in subsequent years, supplanting
>the usage of 'chi' for the same purpose. To my mind the only real difference
>is that one came out in '79 and one about ten years later... in the interim,
>the overall phonological climate became more permissive of the 'te-i'

  Quite likely so, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'd retcon the
old spelling. And for that matter, the kana they use for the classic
Chivvay hasn't changed - it's still written "chibe", as distinct from the
0080 version. So whatever the reason for the different spelling in 0080,
it created a distinction that's been faithfully preserved in subsequent
publications, including the Shindosha timeline (which lists different
design dates for the two types of ship).

>Mark, is the difference just your preference, or is it laid out in the
>'spelling' document for First Gundam that you frequently reference?

  Nah, the First Gundam spelling lists only cover the movies and TV
series. I don't think Sunrise has devoted a similar amount of scrutiny to
the other UC series yet...

-- Mark

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