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Mark responded to Burke:

>> Nope, I don't remember seeing it in action. I'll have
>> to check the eps with the museum though... and that's
>> weird, that they'd spell it differently between First
>> Gundam and 0080!
> Hey, it's a different type of ship - a battleship rather than a mere
> heavy cruiser. Might as well change the name, eh?

Hmm, this is quite a nit I'm picking here, but...
My impression is that both Tivvay and Chivvay were trying to represent the
same thing in Japanese... using 'te' plus small 'i' had become more
acceptable to represent the foreign 'ti' in subsequent years, supplanting
the usage of 'chi' for the same purpose. To my mind the only real difference
is that one came out in '79 and one about ten years later... in the interim,
the overall phonological climate became more permissive of the 'te-i'
Of course, this would require the premise that whoever conceived the name in
the first place had 'ti' in mind from the beginning, which is indefensible
(but not necessarily wrong.)
Mark, is the difference just your preference, or is it laid out in the
'spelling' document for First Gundam that you frequently reference?

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