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Wed, 10 Jan 2001 11:12:48 -0800 (PST)

Mark writes,

> Yeah, but the model-kit versions usually win in
> the end. Maybe one day
> I'll even accept "Regelgu"...

Yeah, I'm sticking with ReGelg on that one myself. I
wonder if we're supposed to retain all the spelling
from Gelgoog... basically "ReGelgoo"? Ugh... :(

> >By the way, is "EWAC Zack" supposed to be the
> Eyezack?
> Yep. It's thus labeled on the model kit box.

But the kana/phonetic is "Aizakku"... my guess is that
"Eyezack" is a commonly-used nickname for the EWAC

> Remember, that's "Ju_k_on" with a "k." ;-)

Oops! Thanks for correcting me! <*^_^

> Hardy - I'm not exactly a voting member of the
> academy. ;-) But at
> least I'm in a position to know what the final
> spellings are. You can
> also see these in use in the English subtitles on
> the new Gundam movie DVDs.

There are English-subbed DVDs of the Gundam movies?!
Are they Japanese imports, or did you manage to get
your hands on early-bird editions of future
Bandai/AnimeVillage releases...? :)

> >The way I have the F90 stuff broken down is 3
> >categories: the F90 model kit series and all other
> >original F90 designs (includes the new Oldsmobile
> >designs), the F90 manga (where the Oldsmobile Army
> >uses a bunch of OYW stuff), and the Silhouette
> Formula
> >91 game (with the new Oldsmobile designs repeated
> >here). I guess it's just a matter of personal
> >preference on how one wants to break them down.
> Silhouette Formula 91 is another model kit/comic
> spinoff, just like F90,
> not a video game.

My bad! I meant to say Formula Wars, I sometimes
mentally trip up and mix it up with Silhouette...

> There's a fourth Formula story,
> which is the video game
> Formula Wars 0122, where the revamped Oldsmobile
> designs appear.

THAT'S what I mean to say. :)

> In this
> game, set two years after the apparent defeat of the
> Oldsmobile Army in
> the F90 comic, the Crossbone Vanguard are assisting
> the Oldsmobile forces
> from behind the scenes; the new Oldsmobile suits are
> made with CV
> technology, which is why the ace version of the RF
> Gelgoog has a beam shield.

Oh, really? Interesting info...

> Still, I think G Generation conflates the F90 and
> Formula Wars stuff,
> throwing in the RF Adzam and RF Gyan for good
> measure - these two
> appeared in the F90 comic, rather than the Formula
> Wars game. So there's
> precedent for combining both sources. :-)

You meant to say the old-style Adzam and Gyan appeared
in the comic, right? As for a RF Adzam and RF Gyan...
cool! So those were new designs for G Generation?

-Burke Rukes

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