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> >2. Chivvay -> you list "Tivvay" here, but "Chivvay"
> >under First Gundam (and nothing under Zeta...)
> Yep. They're written differently in Japanese - the ship in First Gundam
> begins with "chi," and the Graf Zepellin's class name begins with "te-i."
> I didn't list the Chivvay Kai from Z Gundam because, as best I can
> recall, it only appears as a model in Hayato's space museum. Does anyone
> recall seeing the actual ship?

So "Chibe" becomes Chivvay and "Tibe" becomes Tivvay?

I could swear that I've seen Chivvay and Tibe together somewhere, but no --
"Chivvay" first appeared in the Gundam Archives, which listed on First Gundam
names. (Doh!)


The Tibe was introduced in Gundam 0080, so I take it that the spelling amendment
is just now catching up?

(And how soon before we get a message thread entitled "Chivvay Chivvay Bang

> >1. Basejobber -> Base Jabber
> >Doesn't "jabber" sound like a word to describe someone
> >who pokes someone else's eye out?
> Sure, but it's written "jab," not "job." (And don't even ask me why so
> many people think the hero of F91 is Seab*r*ook Arno...) >:-(

Blame it on all of the sensationalized news stories about the Seabrook nuclear
power plant. That name is somewhat imprinted on the American consciousness, so
people have a tendency to see and hear it instead of the actual Seabook. When
one word has meaning and another, similar word doesn't, we tend to see the
meaningful word.

See also Mine*r*va Lao Zabi....

> >1. MSA-08 Bar-GM -> Barjim
> >I know I asked you about this before... I've always
> >preferred "Bar-GM" because it looks like a cross
> >between a Barzam and a GM.
> Indeed, but then you either have an awkward hypen or something that
> looks like it would be read as "Barggggmmmm." I'd rather ignore it
> altogether, actually. ;-)

A situation similar to the RGZ-91 Re-GZ and LM111E02 GunEZ -- are we to ignore
them, too? (^_^);;

> >1. Ball - is this supposed to be a RB-79, or something
> >else?
> It's a variant, with three cannons. G Generation labels it the "Model
> 133 Ball," but it doesn't have an official name or model number.

RB-133 seems to be implied but, of course, that's pure speculation.


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