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Burke says,

>I always thought "G-DefensEr" was more correct... I
>recently changed my own listing from "Gazoum" to
>"Ga-Zoum" after I bought the kit for the Ga-Zoum
>Gunner Type pic... and "Quel" still looks incomplete
>to me, since it's supposed to be to "quell" the

  Yeah, but the model-kit versions usually win in the end. Maybe one day
I'll even accept "Regelgu"...

>By the way, is "EWAC Zack" supposed to be the Eyezack?

  Yep. It's thus labeled on the model kit box.

>Okay, I can understand that. Since it's Zeon hardware,
>I'll go with the "Jucon" spelling... since everyone
>has this wacky notion that Zeons speak German. :>

  Remember, that's "Ju_k_on" with a "k." ;-)

>Nope, I don't remember seeing it in action. I'll have
>to check the eps with the museum though... and that's
>weird, that they'd spell it differently between First
>Gundam and 0080!

  Hey, it's a different type of ship - a battleship rather than a mere
heavy cruiser. Might as well change the name, eh?

>Geez... oh, all right. I take it, from what you've
>been saying, that you have the official "final word"
>on the spellings for all First Gundam stuff?

  Hardy - I'm not exactly a voting member of the academy. ;-) But at
least I'm in a position to know what the final spellings are. You can
also see these in use in the English subtitles on the new Gundam movie DVDs.

>Do you know where I can find good pics (B&W or color)
>other than the ones from Gundam Chronicles? The ones
>in that book are too small and not good enough for

  I'm sure I have them in one of my books... Hobby Japan's F91 book, if I
recall correctly. I'll see what I can dig up.

>Not much more awkward than "GunEZ"... I used a hyphen
>for Gun-EZ myself, particularly since all the MS names
>on my Big List O' Gundam Mecha are in all-caps, and it
>would look like "GUNEZ" - people might think it's
>supposed to be pronounced "goon-ezz" or something like

  Yeah, good point. I'll give this some thought...

>The way I have the F90 stuff broken down is 3
>categories: the F90 model kit series and all other
>original F90 designs (includes the new Oldsmobile
>designs), the F90 manga (where the Oldsmobile Army
>uses a bunch of OYW stuff), and the Silhouette Formula
>91 game (with the new Oldsmobile designs repeated
>here). I guess it's just a matter of personal
>preference on how one wants to break them down.

 Silhouette Formula 91 is another model kit/comic spinoff, just like F90,
not a video game. There's a fourth Formula story, which is the video game
Formula Wars 0122, where the revamped Oldsmobile designs appear. In this
game, set two years after the apparent defeat of the Oldsmobile Army in
the F90 comic, the Crossbone Vanguard are assisting the Oldsmobile forces
from behind the scenes; the new Oldsmobile suits are made with CV
technology, which is why the ace version of the RF Gelgoog has a beam shield.

  Still, I think G Generation conflates the F90 and Formula Wars stuff,
throwing in the RF Adzam and RF Gyan for good measure - these two
appeared in the F90 comic, rather than the Formula Wars game. So there's
precedent for combining both sources. :-)

-- Mark

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