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Mark writes,

> Okay, let's have at! Bear in mind that few of these
> series have been hashed over as thoroughly as First
> Gundam - for most of 'em, I'm relying on a mixture
> apparent convention and my own sense of phonetic
> accuracy. Also, I think history has shown that you
> can do a lot worse than going along with the model-
> box spellings. In writing this, I've gone through
> changed a couple of my own listings accordingly,
> G-Defens*e*r, Gallus*s* J, Ga Zowm, EWAC Zack,
> Dr*e*issen, Jamru Fin, Alpha Azieru, GM Command,
> Dahgi Iris, Vigna Zirah, Zollid*i*a, Gunblast*o*r,
> and GM Quel. (I draw the line at "ReGelgu" and "Ga
> Zowmn," though. :-)

I always thought "G-DefensEr" was more correct... I
recently changed my own listing from "Gazoum" to
"Ga-Zoum" after I bought the kit for the Ga-Zoum
Gunner Type pic... and "Quel" still looks incomplete
to me, since it's supposed to be to "quell" the

By the way, is "EWAC Zack" supposed to be the Eyezack?

> "Jukon," actually. This one actually gets an
> explanatory note in the MSV Collection File, noting
> that when this submarine was developed by the
> Federation Forces, they officially endorsed the
> spelling "Jukon" for German-speakers and "U-con" for
> English speakers, both of which are pronounced
> "Yukon."

Okay, I can understand that. Since it's Zeon hardware,
I'll go with the "Jucon" spelling... since everyone
has this wacky notion that Zeons speak German. :>

> >2. Chivvay -> you list "Tivvay" here, but "Chivvay"
> >under First Gundam (and nothing under Zeta...)
> Yep. They're written differently in Japanese - the
> in First Gundam begins with "chi," and the Graf
> Zepellin's class name begins with "te-i." I didn't
> the Chivvay Kai from Z Gundam because, as best I can
> recall, it only appears as a model in Hayato's space
> museum. Does anyone recall seeing the actual ship?

Nope, I don't remember seeing it in action. I'll have
to check the eps with the museum though... and that's
weird, that they'd spell it differently between First
Gundam and 0080!

> "Zssa" it was on the model kit, and generally people
> seem to besticking to it; the Turn A books, for
> label the slightly-renamed version that appears in
> A as the "Zssan." I've just switched to "Dreissen"
> the same reason.

Who needs those pesky vowels, anyway? :)

> You'd think "Leanhorse" or "Reenhorse" would be a
> better phonetic rendition, but I've seen reference
> books explain that the name is supposed to mean
> "support," i.e. "reinforce." Likewise with the Near
> Ahgama, which is supposed to mean "close to the
> Ahgama."

Okay. If that's the explanation they give, I'll go
with "Reinforce".

> >1. The Esperanza... Gundam Chronicles gives the
> >number as DTM-700D, but this never made sense to
> >any thoughts?
> Looks like a typo to me - why give it the
> model number?

Well, it's 700 followed by a D, not 7000... but it is
similar to the Daughseat's number, which is why I
raised a red flag when I saw it. Must be another one
of those quirks that made its way past the editors
(like the Delaz Dom Funf or whatever that was).

> >2. FT-9600 GT-Bit
> >3. FW-9800 GW-Bit
> >I KNEW IT!!! I always suspected these were the
> >numbers for the GT-Bit and GW-Bit... where'd you
> >find'em at, Mark?
> Damned if I can remember, actually. I assume I had
> good reason for filling these in. :-\

Probably because, based on the FX-9900 for the GX-Bit,
it made perfect sense? :)

> >2. The Turn X... is the model number supposed to be

> >written as "CONCEPT-X 6-1-2" OR "CONCEPT-X6-1-2"?
> Uh... whatever it says on the model box. <grin>

I'll have to look at mine again, then. ^_^

> >4. Soliel -> Soleil
> >This looks like it would be prounced "sol-EEL"
> >this way...
> Ah, but this one's an actual word - it's French for
> "sun," as in"Cirque du Soleil."

Oh, that explains the sun-symbol thingie on all of the
good queen's outfits and hats and uniforms!

> Yep, sorry. Sunrise is insisting on "Degwin,"
> "Gihren," "Dozle," "Kycilia," and "M'quve." At least
> Garma is still plain old Garma.

Geez... oh, all right. I take it, from what you've
been saying, that you have the official "final word"
on the spellings for all First Gundam stuff?

> >1. Burstliner -> Bustliner
> >Someone told me that the English
> >spelling/pronounciation used in the US releast of
> >from the Ashes was BURSTliner...
> Rilly? Since I don't have a Dreamcast, I haven't
> the game, and just went with the most logical
> rendition. (As idiosyncratic as Japanese may be,
> still capable of differentiating between "bust" and
> "burst." ;-)

True... Airmaster Burst is a good example... it's
phonetically different from what's used for Bustliner.
Still, if they used "Burstliner" for an official
US-release Gundam product...

> >Another side item... does anyone here have any
> >additional info on the F91-MSV series?
> >1. G-Cannon Full Equipment Type
> >2. HWF91 Gundam F91 Heavy Weapons Type
> >3. Heavygun Full Equipment Type
> >4. Berga Giros Heavy Armament Type
> >5. Dahgi Iris (Irus) Improved Armament Type
> I could probably look up the actual descriptions of
> their weapons, but I think that's all the data
> available.,

Do you know where I can find good pics (B&W or color)
other than the ones from Gundam Chronicles? The ones
in that book are too small and not good enough for

> As far as I know, no permutation of Z - including
the Z
> Gundam, ZZ Gundam, and Z plus - ever spells out the
> word "Zeta." I guess you could do so on the grounds
> that it's a Greek letter that must be retranscribed
> English, as with the Nu and Xi Gundams. The Sentinel
> stuff consistently spells it as "Zplus," which is
> worse, and the model kitbox expands this to

You know... I never noticed that before, but you're
right! They almost NEVER spell out the Greek symbol
words in English! Aside from the Zetaplus model box,
the only other place I know of off-hand where "Zeta"
is spelled out is on the Perfect Grade model box. I'm
seriously thinking about following your lead and just
using the letters... hey, on the bright side, it'll
save me a few bytes of web server space! :)

> >2. MSA-0011(Bst) -> MSA-0011Bst S Gundam Booster
> >Type
> >3. MSA-0011(Ext) -> MSA-0011Ext Ex-S Gundam
> >4. FXA-08GB(Bst) -> FXA-08GB-Bst Core Booster
> >The above are just a variation in model number
> >convention...?
> Yep. Actually, looking at the big Sentinel book, I
> they're actually supposed to be in [brackets] as in
> 08th MS Team. I'll make this change in my listings.

Yep, I think I used the brackets originally myself...
don't know why I went with the parentheses. They do
use brackets in the big Sentinel book, so I'll switch
back myself.

> >1. MSA-008 Bar-GM -> Barjim
> >I know I asked you about this before... I've always
> >preferred "Bar-GM" because it looks like a cross
> >between a Barzam and a GM.
> Indeed, but then you either have an awkward hypen or
> something that looks like it would be read as
> "Barggggmmmm." I'd rather ignore it altogether,
> actually. ;-)

Not much more awkward than "GunEZ"... I used a hyphen
for Gun-EZ myself, particularly since all the MS names
on my Big List O' Gundam Mecha are in all-caps, and it
would look like "GUNEZ" - people might think it's
supposed to be pronounced "goon-ezz" or something like

> >Oh, and by the way, you removed all the Oldsmobile
> >MS's except the F90... any reason why?
> The Oldsmobile suits are actually from the Formula
> video game; the versions that appear in the F90
> look exactly like the original versions.

The way I have the F90 stuff broken down is 3
categories: the F90 model kit series and all other
original F90 designs (includes the new Oldsmobile
designs), the F90 manga (where the Oldsmobile Army
uses a bunch of OYW stuff), and the Silhouette Formula
91 game (with the new Oldsmobile designs repeated
here). I guess it's just a matter of personal
preference on how one wants to break them down.

> >1. Ball - is this supposed to be a RB-79, or
> >else?
> It's a variant, with three cannons. G Generation
> it the "Model 133 Ball," but it doesn't have an
> official name or model number.

I gotta get my hands on the rest of the Crossbone

> >1. RGM-79N-Fb GM Custom Full Vernian... exactly
> >game does this appear in?
> It was originally featured in Hobby Japan's Gundam
> Weapons books, and they rolled it into G Generation
> somewhere along the way.

I guess I'll put it under "Hobby Japan Originals",

> >Guess his name changed spelling too, huh?
> Yep. Or rather, this is how Sunrise has always
> it - now we have no choice but to knuckle under. :-)

Good grief! Oh well, at least we have some semblance
of FINALITY where the First Gundam names spellings are
concerned. :)

Thanks, Mark!

-Burke Rukes

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