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I'm not too keen on 3D games that come out of Capcom. Street Fighter EX was
just ok, so was Tech Romancer I & II (Star Gladiator and Star Gladiator:
Plasma Sword) but nothing along the lines of a killer game like DOA:2
Hardcore. I forgot the name, but there was a PS game that copied Virtua On
before - and it wasn't that great.

What I am anticipating with this release is that Capcom's amazing roster of
in-house artists do their renditions of the MSes (and a couple of the charas
as well). Their versions of the X-men ranks up there with the best I have
ever seen (Whilce Portacio himself is a fan of their great chara design
work). A great example of what they can do with mecha is from a little known
game called Cyberbots released in 1995.

 (Expect to see a Guntank for the game if that's the case - there are three
great looking mecha with tank treads in Cyberbots)

I can't wait to get an artbook of this one, and my secret hope of Bengus (SF
original chara designer and the Cyberbots chara designer incidentally) doing
his magic on the Gundam chara will build up my anticipations of seeing this
release over the next few months. ^_^

Capcom should at least surpass the graphics of at least Virtua-On Oratorio
Tangram. I don't have much faith in many anime-based games being any good
because they're usually rushed through the production process to take
advantage of their current popularity. Gundam doesn't have this kind of
problem. so I do have some hope that someday they produce a game worthy of
the Gundam name.


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> IGN's Dreamcast site has uncovered proof that Capcom has indeed built
> a Gundam fighting game. The game is supposed to play like Virtual-On.
> The sixteen MS line-up is religiously faithful to First Gundam, even
> the Zock is included! Do I detect a possible US release to coincide
> with Cartoon Network's Gundam premiere? Maybe.
> -James
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