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Burke writes,

>Okay, I just plowed through all your Mechanics
>listings, and here's a nice, long list of stuff I
>noticed and wanted to ask about, comment on and just
>plain point out for everyone's benefit:

  Okay, let's have at! Bear in mind that few of these series have been
hashed over as thoroughly as First Gundam - for most of 'em, I'm relying
on a mixture of apparent convention and my own sense of phonetic accuracy.

  Also, I think history has shown that you can do a lot worse than going
along with the model-box spellings. In writing this, I've gone through
and changed a couple of my own listings accordingly, e.g. G-Defens*e*r,
Gallus*s* J, Ga Zowm, EWAC Zack, Dr*e*issen, Jamru Fin, Alpha Azieru, GM
Command, Dahgi Iris, Vigna Zirah, Zollid*i*a, Gunblast*o*r, and GM Quel.
(I draw the line at "ReGelgu" and "Ga Zowmn," though. :-)

  And meanwhile, looking over my F91 books, I also noted a consensus as
to "Den'an Gei," "Berga Dalas," and "Ebirhu S" (and hence "Zondo Gei" and
"Ebirhu Doga"). While there isn't an agreement on "Zamous" versus
"Zamouth," the books do spell the _second_ part of the Crossbone Vanguard
ships' names the same way.

>1. Bygro -> Bigro
>2. Byg Zam -> Big Zam
>Changed those Y's back to I's AGAIN, huh?

  Yep. I guess Sunrise finally accepted the spellings from the
AnimeVillage subtitles. But this one's pretty recent - the MS In Action!!
Byg Zam still uses the old spelling.

>3. Grublo -> Grabro
>It was Grabro for a long time... then it was Grublo...
>now back to Grabro again...

  Again, Sunrise has always favored "Grublo," but they've now decided the
English-ified spelling is better.

>5. Gow -> Gaw
>Gau, Gow, Gaw... those guys have some "gall" changing
>this around so much!

  "Gaw" is one of those weird Sunrise quirks - they seem to feel that "w"
is a good substitute for "u", which is how we end up with "Fraw Bow." :-\

>7. Yukon -> Jucon
>Okay, now this one I don't WANT to accept! I cringed
>every time I saw "U-kon"... but "Jucon"? Gimme a

  "Jukon," actually. This one actually gets an explanatory note in the
MSV Collection File, noting that when this submarine was developed by the
Federation Forces, they officially endorsed the spelling "Jukon" for
German-speakers and "U-con" for English speakers, both of which are
pronounced "Yukon."

>>From GUNDAM 0080:
>1. Kampfer -> Kaempfer
>I know this is how "kaempf" is supposed to be spelled
>in German... just chalk it up to laziness on my part
>for never checking/changing it...

  Well, that's my own little quirk. We'll see whether they bother with
the umlaut when the MG kit is released... :-)

>2. Chivvay -> you list "Tivvay" here, but "Chivvay"
>under First Gundam (and nothing under Zeta...)

  Yep. They're written differently in Japanese - the ship in First Gundam
begins with "chi," and the Graf Zepellin's class name begins with "te-i."
I didn't list the Chivvay Kai from Z Gundam because, as best I can
recall, it only appears as a model in Hayato's space museum. Does anyone
recall seeing the actual ship?

>>From GUNDAM 0083:
>1. Val Valo -> Val Varo
>Hey, it beats "Wal Walo", which was the first spelling
>_I_ ever saw, and I knew it wasn't right then...

  Actually, I'm not sure whether this is Sunrise-approved or not. They
always seem to favor "Val Walo," and since they haven't been shy about
overruling the AnimeVillage spellings in the case of First Gundam, it
doesn't really matter how it's spelled in the 0083 subtitles. I can only
vouch for the First Gundam stuff. :-)

>1. Basejobber -> Base Jabber
>Doesn't "jabber" sound like a word to describe someone
>who pokes someone else's eye out?

  Sure, but it's written "jab," not "job." (And don't even ask me why so
many people think the hero of F91 is Seab*r*ook Arno...) >:-(

>1. Dreissen -> Draissen
>2. Zussa -> Zssa
>Gesundheit! It just sounds REALLY awkward without a
>vowel between the Z and hte S...

  "Zssa" it was on the model kit, and generally people seem to be
sticking to it; the Turn A books, for example, label the slightly-renamed
version that appears in Turn A as the "Zssan." I've just switched to
"Dreissen" for the same reason.

>>From CCA:
>1. Medd -> Med
>2. Zook -> Zuck
>This is still much better than "Doek" from Gundam
>3. Basejobber -> Base Jabber
>See above.
>4. Lar Kairum -> Lar Kairam
>Well, we got away from "La" a long time ago... and
>"Kairam" isn't spelled with a C anymore...

  "Base Jabber" aside, these are pretty much a matter of my own
preference; I haven't noticed a consistent spelling in Japanese publications.

>>From GUNDAM F91:
>1. Dahgi Iris -> Dahgi Irus
>I like "Iris" better myself... especially since this
>is a recon MS.

  As noted, I've changed to "Iris" now.

>1. Lean Horse/Lean Horse Junior -> Reinforce/Reinforce
>Okay, I GIVE UP!!! I will now wave the white flag of
>surrender on this one... I never liked "Reinforce" to
>begin with, and "Lean Horse" has hints of "Pegasus"
>(i.e. "White Base")... and the only romanized spelling
>I've ever seen for these ships is LEANHORCE... go

  You'd think "Leanhorse" or "Reenhorse" would be a better phonetic
rendition, but I've seen reference books explain that the name is
supposed to mean "support," i.e. "reinforce." Likewise with the Near
Ahgama, which is supposed to mean "close to the Ahgama."

>2. Keilas Guilie -> Kairas Giri
>3. Meriline -> Marilyn

  Again, I'm going with what seems like a good phonetic rendition. I
haven't seen enough consistently-spelled Romanizations from V Gundam to
compel me to change 'em. :-)

>>From GUNDAM X:
>1. Daughtap -> Dautap
>Hey, it beats "doorstop". :P

  Ah, they're both good. :-)

>1. The Esperanza... Gundam Chronicles gives the model
>number as DTM-700D, but this never made sense to me...
>any thoughts?

  Looks like a typo to me - why give it the Daughseat's model number?

>2. FT-9600 GT-Bit
>3. FW-9800 GW-Bit
>I KNEW IT!!! I always suspected these were the model
>numbers for the GT-Bit and GW-Bit... where'd you
>find'em at, Mark?

  Damned if I can remember, actually. I assume I had some good reason for
filling these in. :-\

>4. Vertigo -> Bertigo
>I still like "Vertigo" better...

  Of course, but this boneheaded spelling actually seems to be used
consistently in Japanese publications...

>1. Wilgem -> Willgem

  Yeah, I did a side-by-side comparison of my Turn A books, and they
actually seemed to agree on this one.

>2. The Turn X... is the model number supposed to be
>written as "CONCEPT-X 6-1-2" OR "CONCEPT-X6-1-2"?

  Uh... whatever it says on the model box. <grin>

>4. Soliel -> Soleil
>This looks like it would be prounced "sol-EEL" spelled
>this way...

  Ah, but this one's an actual word - it's French for "sun," as in
"Cirque du Soleil."

>5. Cannon Irfute -> Cannon Illefuto
>Still beats "Ill-Foot" any day.

  Again, there seemed to be an actual consensus on this one...

>>From MSV:
>1. Zaku II Dozul Zabi Custom -> now "Dozle" Custom
>2. Gouf Ma Kube Custom -> now "M'quve" Custom
>After ALL THESE YEARS, we're finally gonna change the
>spelling of his name? But it was so much fun calling
>him "Ma"! Zeon grunt to M'quve: "Aw, Ma! Can't I go
>play with the other pilots? C'mon, Ma! Pleeeeeease?"

  Yep, sorry. Sunrise is insisting on "Degwin," "Gihren," "Dozle,"
"Kycilia," and "M'quve." At least Garma is still plain old Garma.

>3. Just a side item... MS Encyclopedia shows a
>MS-06Z-3 Psycommu System Zaku, but you don't list
>it... where did that come in?

  It's actually just the MS-06Z. At some point someone looked at the unit
number stenciled on the painted illustration and thought it was supposed
to be a version number. Actually, it's just the third of three test
units, number two of which later became the legless MSN-01.

>4. SP-W03 -> SPW-03 Mobile Pod
>Ah yes... the restless, ever-moving W...

  Typo on my part - this should be SP-W03.

>>From MS-X:
>1. Burstliner -> Bustliner
>Someone told me that the English
>spelling/pronounciation used in the US releast of Rise
>from the Ashes was BURSTliner...

  Rilly? Since I don't have a Dreamcast, I haven't played the game, and
just went with the most logical phonetic rendition. (As idiosyncratic as
Japanese may be, it's still capable of differentiating between "bust" and
"burst." ;-)

>Another side item... does anyone here have any
>additional info on the F91-MSV series?
>1. G-Cannon Full Equipment Type
>2. HWF91 Gundam F91 Heavy Weapons Type
>3. Heavygun Full Equipment Type
>4. Berga Giros Heavy Armament Type
>5. Dahgi Iris (Irus) Improved Armament Type

  I could probably look up the actual descriptions of their weapons, but
I think that's all the data available.,

>1. Should it be "Z Plus", "Zetaplus", or "Zeta Plus"?
>Mark, I know you like to use the letter abbreviations,
>but I prefer spelling everything out (even if it gets
>lengthy, i.e. "Extraordinarily Superior Gundam")...
>what do you recommend, by chance?

  As far as I know, no permutation of Z - including the Z Gundam, ZZ
Gundam, and Z plus - ever spells out the word "Zeta." I guess you could
do so on the grounds that it's a Greek letter that must be retranscribed
in English, as with the Nu and Xi Gundams. The Sentinel stuff
consistently spells it as "Zplus," which is even worse, and the model kit
box expands this to "Zetaplus."

>2. MSA-0011(Bst) -> MSA-0011Bst S Gundam Booster Unit
>3. MSA-0011(Ext) -> MSA-0011Ext Ex-S Gundam
>4. FXA-08GB(Bst) -> FXA-08GB-Bst Core Booster
>The above are just a variation in model number

  Yep. Actually, looking at the big Sentinel book, I see they're actually
supposed to be in [brackets] as in 08th MS Team. I'll make this change in
my listings.

>1. New Decides -> New Desides
>Is it because they're former
>Titans-Earthborn-elitists? They're going to "de-Side"
>space? :)

  As I recall, it's supposed to be a composite of "decide" and "dissent."

>1. MSA-08 Bar-GM -> Barjim
>I know I asked you about this before... I've always
>preferred "Bar-GM" because it looks like a cross
>between a Barzam and a GM.

  Indeed, but then you either have an awkward hypen or something that
looks like it would be read as "Barggggmmmm." I'd rather ignore it
altogether, actually. ;-)

>>From GUNDAM F90:
>1. F90E Gundam F90 Recon Type
>Just FYI... like the MSA-0120 ATMOS, I refuse to
>believe this mobile suit actually exists until I see a
>picture of it! And I refuse to leave this world until
>I do! :P

  It's for real, but I don't know whether there's color art of it.

>Oh, and by the way, you removed all the Oldsmobile
>MS's except the F90... any reason why?

  The Oldsmobile suits are actually from the Formula Wars video game; the
versions that appear in the F90 comic look exactly like the original versions.

>1. Ball - is this supposed to be a RB-79, or something

  It's a variant, with three cannons. G Generation labels it the "Model
133 Ball," but it doesn't have an official name or model number.

>1. Virgo^3 "Virgo Cubed"... or Virgo III... ???

  Yeah, it's all good. I couldn't be bothered to put in the exponent. ;-)

>>From your G GENERATION listings:
>1. RGM-79N-Fb GM Custom Full Vernian... exactly which
>game does this appear in?

  It was originally featured in Hobby Japan's Gundam Weapons books, and
they rolled it into G Generation somewhere along the way.

>Guess his name changed spelling too, huh?

  Yep. Or rather, this is how Sunrise has always spelled it - now we have
no choice but to knuckle under. :-)

-- Mark

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