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Mark writes,

> Heh! Well, I think this set of name changes are
> final. I've updated all
> the spellings on my site (which wasn't exactly
> trivial), so you should be
> able to use that as a guide with a good measure of
> confidence.

Okay, I just plowed through all your Mechanics
listings, and here's a nice, long list of stuff I
noticed and wanted to ask about, comment on and just
plain point out for everyone's benefit:

1. Bygro -> Bigro
2. Byg Zam -> Big Zam
Changed those Y's back to I's AGAIN, huh?
3. Grublo -> Grabro
It was Grabro for a long time... then it was Grublo...
now back to Grabro again...
4. Dobtay -> Dobday
Sounds like someone has a cold and is having trouble
pronouncing their T's.
5. Gow -> Gaw
Gau, Gow, Gaw... those guys have some "gall" changing
this around so much!
6. Lugun -> Luggun
7. Yukon -> Jucon
Okay, now this one I don't WANT to accept! I cringed
every time I saw "U-kon"... but "Jucon"? Gimme a

1. Kampfer -> Kaempfer
I know this is how "kaempf" is supposed to be spelled
in German... just chalk it up to laziness on my part
for never checking/changing it...
2. Chivvay -> you list "Tivvay" here, but "Chivvay"
under First Gundam (and nothing under Zeta...)

1. Val Valo -> Val Varo
Hey, it beats "Wal Walo", which was the first spelling
_I_ ever saw, and I knew it wasn't right then...

1. Basejobber -> Base Jabber
Doesn't "jabber" sound like a word to describe someone
who pokes someone else's eye out?

1. Dreissen -> Draissen
2. Zussa -> Zssa
Gesundheit! It just sounds REALLY awkward without a
vowel between the Z and hte S...

1. Medd -> Med
2. Zook -> Zuck
This is still much better than "Doek" from Gundam
3. Basejobber -> Base Jabber
See above.
4. Lar Kairum -> Lar Kairam
Well, we got away from "La" a long time ago... and
"Kairam" isn't spelled with a C anymore...

1. Dahgi Iris -> Dahgi Irus
I like "Iris" better myself... especially since this
is a recon MS.

1. Lean Horse/Lean Horse Junior -> Reinforce/Reinforce
Okay, I GIVE UP!!! I will now wave the white flag of
surrender on this one... I never liked "Reinforce" to
begin with, and "Lean Horse" has hints of "Pegasus"
(i.e. "White Base")... and the only romanized spelling
I've ever seen for these ships is LEANHORCE... go
2. Keilas Guilie -> Kairas Giri
3. Meriline -> Marilyn
What is this supposed to be named after? Eddie? ^_^

1. Daughtap -> Dautap
Hey, it beats "doorstop". :P
1. The Esperanza... Gundam Chronicles gives the model
number as DTM-700D, but this never made sense to me...
any thoughts?
2. FT-9600 GT-Bit
3. FW-9800 GW-Bit
I KNEW IT!!! I always suspected these were the model
numbers for the GT-Bit and GW-Bit... where'd you
find'em at, Mark?
4. Vertigo -> Bertigo
I still like "Vertigo" better...

1. Wilgem -> Willgem
2. The Turn X... is the model number supposed to be
written as "CONCEPT-X 6-1-2" OR "CONCEPT-X6-1-2"?
3. Zussan -> Zssan
Gesundheit again! Can someone please bring some
4. Soliel -> Soleil
This looks like it would be prounced "sol-EEL" spelled
this way...
5. Cannon Irfute -> Cannon Illefuto
Still beats "Ill-Foot" any day.

1. Zaku II Dozul Zabi Custom -> now "Dozle" Custom
2. Gouf Ma Kube Custom -> now "M'quve" Custom
After ALL THESE YEARS, we're finally gonna change the
spelling of his name? But it was so much fun calling
him "Ma"! Zeon grunt to M'quve: "Aw, Ma! Can't I go
play with the other pilots? C'mon, Ma! Pleeeeeease?"
3. Just a side item... MS Encyclopedia shows a
MS-06Z-3 Psycommu System Zaku, but you don't list
it... where did that come in?
4. SP-W03 -> SPW-03 Mobile Pod
Ah yes... the restless, ever-moving W...

1. Burstliner -> Bustliner
Someone told me that the English
spelling/pronounciation used in the US releast of Rise
from the Ashes was BURSTliner...
2. Skyure ->Skiure

Another side item... does anyone here have any
additional info on the F91-MSV series?
1. G-Cannon Full Equipment Type
2. HWF91 Gundam F91 Heavy Weapons Type
3. Heavygun Full Equipment Type
4. Berga Giros Heavy Armament Type
5. Dahgi Iris (Irus) Improved Armament Type

1. Should it be "Z Plus", "Zetaplus", or "Zeta Plus"?
Mark, I know you like to use the letter abbreviations,
but I prefer spelling everything out (even if it gets
lengthy, i.e. "Extraordinarily Superior Gundam")...
what do you recommend, by chance?
2. MSA-0011(Bst) -> MSA-0011Bst S Gundam Booster Unit
3. MSA-0011(Ext) -> MSA-0011Ext Ex-S Gundam
4. FXA-08GB(Bst) -> FXA-08GB-Bst Core Booster
The above are just a variation in model number
1. New Decides -> New Desides
Is it because they're former
Titans-Earthborn-elitists? They're going to "de-Side"
space? :)

1. MSA-08 Bar-GM -> Barjim
I know I asked you about this before... I've always
preferred "Bar-GM" because it looks like a cross
between a Barzam and a GM.
2. Zussa Dain -> Zssa Dain
3. Zussa Kai -> Zssa Kai
Gesundheit yet again! Okay, I think I'm getting a cold
again... damn, and I just got over one last week!

1. F90E Gundam F90 Recon Type
Just FYI... like the MSA-0120 ATMOS, I refuse to
believe this mobile suit actually exists until I see a
picture of it! And I refuse to leave this world until
I do! :P
Oh, and by the way, you removed all the Oldsmobile
MS's except the F90... any reason why?

1. Ball - is this supposed to be a RB-79, or something

1. Virgo^3 "Virgo Cubed"... or Virgo III... ???

1. RGM-79N-Fb GM Custom Full Vernian... exactly which
game does this appear in?

Guess his name changed spelling too, huh?

Okay, I think I've posted enough to the GML today.
I've got a new topic idea that's NOT tech related
(gasp!) that I think I'll put up tomorrow... gotta put
my ill-firing synapses into sync and get my thoughts
together before writing it up. Don't need to be doing
the "open mouth, insert foot" routine again anytime
soon. ^_^

-Burke Rukes

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