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If my memory serves me correctly, this is the first SD of an "Oversized" MS,
not counting the Musha time line. Can't remember now if this mech is
classified as an MS or MA. If you ask me, I'd say it is a MA. Just picked
this up this pass weekend for the fun of it. I mean gees, finally a Bandai
Quin - Mantha! For those whom have seen ZZ, you know how big this sucker
is! The ZZ doesn't even reach is keens. With that being said, here is my
This 400 yen kit is consisted of 3 trees, a PC piece, and 1 mini sticker
sheet decal. 38 parts altogether.
Assembly is very simple and straight forward. some of the parts did not fit
together as well as I have expected (5&2, 4&3; 21&23, 22&24). The stickers
are ok, but they should have provided more to cover the off-white color
parts. Like some of the other SD kits, they went cheap on casting a lot of
the parts by make the "other" side hollow (back of both arms, back of both
beam sabers).
Another words, as a 400 yen SD kit, this is a run-of-the-mill kit, no trills
Now my beef... As I said in the beginning, this Quin-Mantha is suppose to be
HUGE, right? So what's with the average size SD kit? They have made big SD
kits before, why not this one. I'd pay 600 to 800 yen for it, and I believe
so would have a lot of other fans, US and Japan alike. So what are we going
to see when the Byg Zam comes out as an SD kit later this year?
Bottom line... sure, the kit is worth 400 yen, but not 10 yen more. Cute
representation of a mighty mech. Just which it was bigger :(
Gus "the grizzle modeler" Jae

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