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Mark writes,

> Sure, provided you accept my contention that the
> Acht Zaku is not the
> MS-11 from which the Gelgoog was derived. The body
> of evidence is
> otherwise just too overwhelming to rationalize. :-)

Okay, I accept! (see comments below). But just looking
through my material, I have YET ANOTHER monkey wrench
to throw into the works... what about the MS-06R-2P
Zaku II? Wasn't it a testbed for the high-output
reactor and cooling system to be used in the Acht
Zaku... because the Acht was to carry beam weapons?
Okay, let's try this theory on for size:

When the Gundam first appeared toting portable beam
weapons around, Zeon decided to play copy-cat, but 2
different projects were launched: the first was the
Gelgoog, which - although intended as a
high-performance replacment for the Zaku and an
original "from scratch" design, had to be re-launched
when beam rifle technology was seen to be A Good Thing
- managed to be completed by the war's end... albeit
too late and in too few numbers to make any
difference. Basically, the Gelgoog was a direct
response to the Gundam (which is common knowledge).

Now, we also have a second project, which is the Acht
Zaku... part of the Pezun project and completely
unrelated to the Gelgoog's development. Although it
was supposed to carry a machinegun, it was designed
with the capability to carry a beam rifle later in the
future... basically, as soon as a beam rifle for the
Acht could be developed and finished - no need to
"upgrade" existing Achts to carry one when they've
already got the capability. Considering all the other
"advanced" designs of the Pezun project, this
long-term planning for these designs seem to make the
most sense. The reactor/cooling system for the Acht
Zaku was field-tested in the MS-06R-2P, and did get
approved for the final design. Of course, the war came
to an end, and the Acht Zaku was never built by Zeon's
hands. Seeing these captured Zeon plans for a
high-performance, mag-coated, beam-rifle-lobbing MS,
the Feds decide to build it for themselves... of
course, the plans are basically untouched, so they
didn't bother to change the MS-11 model number.

As for the model number itself... MS-11 was originally
slated to be used for the Gelgoog, but this was
dropped when the Gelgoog project had to be re-launched
in order to develop beam rifle technology and
performance equal to the Gundam. As a result, the
MS-11 slot opened up again, and got gobbled up along
with MS-10, MS-12, and MS-13 for the Pezun project...
even though these MS's never got built by Zeon due to
the end of the war.

Okay, how's all that sound? :-)

> Most of my reverence for the Stream Base trio comes
> from seeing how
> ingeniously they accounted for the weirdness of the
> original series's
> mecha designs.

Ummm... who's the "Stream Base trio"?

> Hmmm. Since I've just been researching all the
> wacky vehicles from
> First Gundam, the Adzam (new official spelling,
> sigh)

Good God, not ANOTHER one! Damn, now I gotta rewrite
even MORE HTML files for this Friday's update... ^_^

-Burke Rukes

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