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Burke writes,

>That would make sense... I've never heard of the field
>motor/fluid pulse system design difference until now,
>but now that you've explained it, all the pieces are
>falling into place now.

  Glad to hear it! :-)

  So yeah, by definition, anything with magnet coating must also have
field motors. (Presumably the hydraulics used in fluid pulse systems
don't benefit from the treatment.) Postwar mobile suits use a mixture of
both systems, since neither has a distinct advantage, aside from the
magnet coating option.

>Actually, Ricky gave me a minor correct on his
>translation of the Acht Zaku notes last night, but
>that minor fix threw the whole thing into an entirely
>new context (Japanese can be tricky that way ^_^)...
>it seems to indicate that the Zeons DESIGNED the Acht
>Zaku, but of course the project was canned in favor of
>the more ambitious Gelgoog.

  Again, I don't think the Acht Zaku really was the first stage of the
Gelgoog project, and I've only seen one source (the MG Gelgoog kit
manual) make this claim, versus numerous other ones that refute it. Could
you tell me where Ricky is looking this up?

  As far as I know, all the Pezun Project mobile suits were fresh designs
created at the end of the war, with the express goal of outdoing the
Federation's mobile suits. The only reason they didn't make it past the
design stage was because they were created so very late in the war - i.e.
long after the Gelgoog had been prototyped and put into production.

>At the war's end, the Feds
>seized the designs/project materials for the Acht Zaku
>and actually did the PRODUCTION... at this point, I
>can see the Feds slipping in mag coating and beam
>weapon compatibility into the design. EVERYTHING
>starts to make sense now. :)

  Nah, as far as I know, the Acht Zaku was always supposed to have magnet
coating, even in its planned appearance in the MS-X story. (However, the
MS-X version was armed with a machine gun rather than a beam rifle.) As
we see in Z Gundam (and later confirm in Gundam Sentinel), the Federation
seized the asteroid Pezun, and produced selected Pezun Project designs
based on the captured data. The Acht Zaku and Galbaldy were chosen for
mass production because they were the most advanced Zeon mobile suits
available. The Galbaldy Beta - like the Zaku Mariner - was given a new
model number to reflect the fact that the Federation redesigned it, but
the Acht Zaku and Zaku Marine Type kept their old ones since they were
essentially unchanged.

>Okay, so was the Pezun project going to use model
>numbers OTHER than the ones we all know? (MS-11 for
>Acht Zaku, MS-12 for Gigan, MS-13 for Gasshia, MS-10
>for Pezun Dowadge, MS-17 for Galbaldy-A)

  Not as far as I know. Rather, these model numbers had been freed up by
changes to the project schedules, so the Pezun project staff just went
back and filled them in with new designs. I don't know what the MS-12 and
MS-13 were originally reserved for, but the Zeons have a track record of
this sort of thing...


  08 YMS-08A -> MS-08TX Efreet
  09 MS-09 Dom
  10 Gyan project -> MS-10 Pezun Dowadge
  11 Gelgoog project -> MS-11 Acht Zaku
  12 ?? -> MS-12 Gigan
  13 ?? -> MS-13 Gasshia
  14 MS-14 Gelgoog
  15 YMS-15 Gyan
  16 MS-16 Bishop* -> YMS-16M Xamel
  17 MS-17 Galbaldy Alpha
  18 MS-18E Kaempfer

  * Changed to the MSN-02 Zeong

>If you're
>gonna keep a design project top-secret, why bother
>using ANY model numbers at all?

  Because then you end up with model number-less things like the Apsaras
and Rhinoceros, which make Mark lose sleep trying to figure out where
they fit in the sequence. ;-)

>I guess Zimmad was taking careful note of how the
>Project V prototypes were performing, and decided to
>duplicate some of that technology for their own use...
>kinda like "fighting fire with fire", eh?

  Exactly. Whereas the Gelgoog and Gyan projects were restarted to take
the Federation's mobile suits into account, the Pezun Project designs
were launched from scratch specificially to outdo the enemy's designs.
Thus the Gigan is a Zeon version of the Guntank, and the Acht Zaku is a
testbed for magnet coating technology.

-- Mark

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