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>At 12:09 01/08/2001 +0100, changegetta@inwind.it wrote:
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> This is probably a virus. I opened it in a text editor (suspicious
>sod that I am) and the content is pretty suspicious.
> I suggest, unless you know otherwise, to delete this immediately.
>Lim Jyue
>ICQ: 24737555

Unfortunately, I downloaded it and carelessly double-clicked the attached
file, and BANG! a perfectly new breed of virus called itself 'WIN95/MTX'
was loose and several program files in my c:\windows\system\ directory
were infected by it. No visible damage or error yet, but it made me busy
scanning my c:\ drive by Norton Antivirus and V3 (both powerful vaccine
programs) for hours! And although all the other files infected were
successfully repaired, only WSOCK32.DLL could NOT be repaired. So I
couldn't help deleting and replacing it by another uninfected copy of
the file gathered from my company's computer... <grr>

Now it seems that it was forever gone from my hard drive, but I'm still
a bit suspicious... Anyway, for the heaven's sake, NEVER DOWNLOAD IT AND
DELETE IT FROM YOUR MAILBOX IMMEDIATELY! I tell you, it's dangerous!!!

Thanks to Lim Jyue for warning. (But I couldn't see it in time, oh boy.:-<

-Sunwook Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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