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Hobbitmastr asks,

>Have a few questions on some Zeon MS:


>1. What are those tubes or pipes on the Zaku for anyway? Are they for

  The party line is that they're "conductive cables" that relay power to
the Zaku's joints, as part of the "fluid pulse system" used by almost all
Zeon mobile suits. The cables contain a bunch of small tubes, kinda like
blood vessels, which pump fluid to the hydraulics in the Zaku's limbs.

  The obvious problem with this explanation, of course, is that there's
no obvious reason why the Zaku would need to transmit hydraulic power
from its bellybutton to its backpack, or from its snout to the back of
its head. A more rational explanation advanced by some Japanese fan
writers is that these cables transmit propellant and/or coolant (for
mobile suits with thermonuclear rocket engines, the same medium - say
water or helium - could be used for both). In this case, the waist cables
would transmit heated propellant from the reactor in the waist to the
backpack thrusters, the head cables would transfer heat from the avionics
to the snout vents, and the leg cables would feed propellant to the foot

  Of course, I favor the latter explanation because it actually makes
sense. But the first one is the official favorite, and the use of these
cables on later mobile suits (in Z, ZZ, and CCA) is more consistent with
this official explanation.

>2. Why was the Acht Zaku project cancelled? According to the
Mechadomain, the
>Acht Zaku was equipped with a beam rifle, so why was the Gelgoog produced
>rather than the Acht Zaku? Was it as simple a matter as performance?

  As I noted in my reply to Burke, the real question is whether the MS-11
Acht Zaku is the same thing as the MS-11 design that was scrapped early
in the Gelgoog's development process. Given the Acht Zaku's advanced
features - magnet coating, beam weapon support, et cetera - I strongly
suspect not. But it's hard to find confirmation one way or the other,
just as nobody can confirm whether the MSV-era YMS-08A is actually
related to the MS-08TX Ifrit.

>3. About how many special purpose amphibious suits were produced for the
>invasion of Jaburo? Were there any variants of standard suits for the
>invasion as well?

  Not to my knowledge. We only know of the four amphibious designs - Agg,
Agguguy, Juagg, and Zogok. These were supposed to operate in a team, so
presumably they'd be produced in batches of four. In order to have any
substantial effect in a hypothetical Jaburo invasion, there'd have to be
a few such teams, so I'd guess that the total would be somewhere betweeen
12 and 24 in all. Remember that Char's ad hoc Jaburo attack was carried
out with between 36 and 48 mobile suits (accounts vary), only 28 of which
made it to the ground, so even an ambitious and well-planned invasion
probably wouldn't involve more than a couple dozen of these specialized
mobile suits.

-- Mark

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