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Burke writes,

>I was just sitting here going through some translated
>mecha tech notes (thanks, Ricky! ^_^), and reading up
>on the MS-11 Acht Zaku, I was surprised to learn that
>it sported magnetic-coated joints.

  Yep. It's pretty much the only Zeon mobile suit to feature this
technology. Interestingly, magnet coating works only with Federation-
style "field motor" joints, not Zeon-style "fluid pulse system"
hydraulics. Ergo, the Acht Zaku must use field motors... more on this below.

>And considering
>that the MS-11 development project was scrapped and
>replaced with the MS-14 Gelgoog project, this leads to
>an obvious question: did the Gelgoogs feature magnetic
>coating as well?

  I've never seen any indication that they did, and it's certainly not
reflected in their turn time specs. Mind you, not everything that can be
magnet-coated _is_ magnet-coated - GMs don't have it either. But it's
most likely that Gelgoogs use the same fluid pulse system as other Zeon
mobile suits, and thus couldn't be magnet-coated anyway.

  So the real question is: Is the MS-11 Acht Zaku the same mobile suit as
the first incarnation of the Gelgoog project? Since the Acht Zaku has
superior joints and beam weapon capability - the latter being the same
feature that the original MS-11 project was restarted in order to obtain
- I strongly doubt it. Most likely the Acht Zaku just inherited the
Gelgoog's old model number, just as the Pezun Dowadge inherited the
Gyan's original number, and the Xamel picked up the Zeong's old number
after the MSN prfeix was introduced.

  In fact, several sources claim that the Pezun project deliberately used
the model numbers of cancelled mobile suits for camouflage. (Presumably
this top-secret project wouldn't have stayed secret for long when people
noticed that a range of high model numbers were "reserved for future use.")

>This also raises another question... who developed the
>magnetic coating technology first? The Feds or the
>Zeons? Did one party steal the idea from the other? Or
>was is just a coincidental mutual development?

  It appears to have been created by Federation scientist Mosk Han, who
takes credit for the theories behind it. But once introduced, it would be
easy to replicate. The real difficulty would be for the Zeons to switch
to field motors so that they could actually use it. One Japanese fan site
theorizes that Zimmad, creator of the Gyan and Dom, did just this, and
that the Acht Zaku, Gyan, and Galbaldy all used this Federation-inspired
technology. While this would make the Gyan less attractive to the Zeon
military, helping tip the scales in favor of the more orthodox Gelgoog,
it would help explain why the Federation selected the Acht Zaku and
Galbaldy for postwar mass production. Just fan speculation, but an
interesting theory nonetheless.

>On a side note, Ricky Lai also offered me an alternate
>spelling for the Acht Zaku's name... in this case,
>Acute Zaku. It does fit the transliteral
>pronounciation of the name ("a-ku-to za-ku")... and
>considering what I've just read and posted here,
>"acute" would make a lot of sense.

  Actually, Japanese writers seem to be fond of "Action Zaku," which is
the rendition they went with in the MSV Collection File...

-- Mark

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