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>> Need more Spoiler space.
>> >
>If I can tell what I think about (I have shifted my attention from the first
>to the third novel) it is surely an ending seeming better than the animated
>series' one, but that Leroy (Ruroi in katakana) has shot to Amuro when he
>didn't expect a thing like that.

        Never really liked the OYW-->Z-->CCA Amuro/Char story arc. It's way
too long, and leaves new fans wondering. I recall, when I first saw CCA,
asking myself: "Who's the curly-haired dweeb in that white robot?"

>I don't understand well what has happened before but it seems me like if the
>war was already finished and everyboby was more quiet and less careful.

        Not really. In a way, the Federation knows the end is near -- the
material that the Federation brought to bear against Abowaku (novel's
spelling) is quite impressive.

        It's more like the White Base crew has gotten more war-weary, and
wanted to put an end to the war, at any price..

>Anyway, all I asked you was whether Amuro died or not. You have taken
>away my desire of reading the novels saying "It has happened this" or "no,
>It has happened that ...".

        Opps, sorry about that. Things like this has a habit of happening,
even with spoiler space..

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