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If I can tell what I think about (I have shifted my attention from the first
to the third novel) it is surely an ending seeming better than the animated
series' one, but that Leroy (Ruroi in katakana) has shot to Amuro when he
didn't expect a thing like that. I don't understand well what has happened
before but it seems me like if the war was already finished and everyboby
was more quiet and less careful. But this Ruroi shoots to Amuro. If the war
wasn't ended yet I understand this: it's a battlefield and they are foes,
but if the war is ended it looks to me like a betrayal. The goodbye (last
message) of Amuro to the others has been catched in particular way by Frau
Bow (she was ill, I don't know hat she had got) and by other members of
Pegasus J (the ship Amuro's friends were on board) and Sayla has got a
strong reaction (she urinates like a child, or omething so), I don't know if
this is a reaction to a NT message or if it is because she has seen Amuro
dead. Anyway, all I asked you was whether Amuro died or not. You have taken
away my desire of reading the novels saying "It has happened this" or "no,
It has happened that ...". But I don't remember who many characters are and
so, with much patience, I'll go on reading my japanese books. Thanks anyway.

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