Richie Ramos (
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 11:32:03 +0800

> > I guess it's my turn to react to garrick. may a
> > higher power bless his
> > soul. if he has one, LOL!
>'re still seething about what we did to your
> master grade nu gundam....where's your sense of humor?
> *goes into hiding*

it left the moment you did a ballerina pose with my MG Nu. GRRR. next
time, I do the same thing to your kits, LOL!

> well, maybe anyone who's served in the military can
> speak from experience.
> all i know is from what i watch on discovery channel
> (aviation programs, wings, pilots, pioneers, etc).
> from what i can deduce, anyone exhibiting character
> idiosyncracies even remotely close to isamu dysun's
> personality will either shape up very quickly or get
> killed in action (if they even get to piloting in the
> first place).
> the same goes for basara. :P
> -garr

actually, I'm not quite sure if being reckless and being a pilot can coexist
within a cockpit.

btw,, garrick, couldja tell benj that we should get the pics up as soon as
possible, cuz am having trouble writing the review at the moment. we should
just show these guys what idiocies you put my MG Nu through.


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