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> never watched melrose place (don't think i'm missing
> anything)

eh, you can get the gist of the episode by just coming
across the show, watching for 2 minutes, while channel
surfing. that should give you an idea of it. :)

>and i'm
> not sure how abuse figures into Guld's relationship,
> he may have
> attacked her and scared her alot but it dosn't look
> like he followed
> through with it, abuse sounds to me like a more
> long-term thing...

ok, abuse may be too harsh a word. it was never
explicitly said whether or not guld followed through
with it.

> and as for Isamu if he wasn't half as talented as he
> was as a pilot he
> probably wouldn't have been given as much slack as
> he had up to that
> point and would have had to straighten up and fly
> right a long time ago,
> as it was his behavioir is just an example of how
> spoiled a character
> can become...

yes. exactly a spoiled schmuck. i despise childish
hotshots as main characters.

> the amnesia isn't as far-fetched as some might
> assume, and i think they
> were most certainly heroic in the way it turned out,
> what makes them so
> is that yes they were both arrogant as well as being
> a bit sleezy and a
> whole host of other things but when it finally came
> down to the wire
> they were able to push past that and do the right
> thing despite all
> else.. maybe you can disregard Guld's self-sacrifice
> because he shoved a
> girl and ruined her blouse years before or brush off
> Isamu charging into
> the teeth of a space fortress' defenses just because
> he was a
> self-centered jerk every other time, but i can't.

i'm not disregarding their actions of valor, but
neither can i disregard their flaws. the flaws just
happen to outweigh the sporadic heroism, to me.

> >
> > basara is not as well fleshed out as either isamu,
> > myung or guld, but somehow manages to stand out on
> his
> > own at once -- you either love him or hate him
> after
> > just 4 episodes, no?
> to confess, all i know about him is what i got from
> reading the episodic
> synopsis since i can't find any Mac7 on video, in
> particular a scene
> descirbed from Macross 7 dynamite put me off to this
> character in which
> he uses his spirita powers to prevent someone from
> possibly doing
> vilence, that person was a police officer who was
> trying to apprehend
> several suspects who through Basara's actions were
> allowed to escape
> with a stolen VF (this is a fundamental
> philosophical differance, i was
> similarly frustrated and infuriated with the
> Character of Relena
> Dorlan/Peacecraft in gundam Wing when she started
> preaching "Total
> Pacifisim" even to the exclusion of common sense)

so, what does that have to do with basara being a

the utopian ideals of total pacifism -- it's very
unfeasibility -- is what makes it worth preaching and
worth watching, imo. whether or not i agree with it,
is another animal entirely. if it wasn't total
pacifism, like say the macho realist "let's try to be
nice, but it's ok to bring out the big sticks once in
a while" pacifism, then what is there to aspire to?

> >
> i dunno, except for one scene in the movie version
> all the sex was to
> some extent rather ambiguously implied (it's a "sure
> you 'know' that
> they did it, but you don't 'know' that they did it"
> kinda thing)
> and americans like sex because it's fun ^_^



i'm just bitchin' about the fact that every other
american keeps implying that sex is the answer to
everything. i really don't get it (even when i was
reading Z's email on char and lalah and sex quite some
time ago). meaningful relationships and sex are not
the same thing and don't have to always go together,

i give up. :D

> >
> > fighting over love triangles is just so banal,
> > besides.
> >
> > i have little to comment on macross plus plot and
> > story. it was nice to watch (i did watch it many
> > years ago, and haven't felt any urge to watch
> melrose
> > macross ever again). the whole shebang was a
> glitzy
> > sidestory that you could afford to miss out on and
> > still appreciate macross fully.
> funny, i have friends who have similar comments
> about Macross 7



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